I've got all but one of my family members and in-laws using Linux. Xubuntu seems to be friendly enough for all of them.

Now I've got my parents working on cleaning out and deleting their Google accounts. My dad is open to the idea of Lineage OS on his phone. I never thought I'd get to this point.

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@winduptoy Whoa, respect! I'm still trying to convince my spouse to switch, but she needs a lot of Microsoft stuff for work and has very little patience for computers.
At least all my family has been on Signal for a long time...

@rostiger I'm finding that the more ads they shove into Windows 10 start menu, the more compelling the argument gets. Also, when someone gets burned by an unexpected W10 update that takes forever to complete and you can promise an alternative, they're a lot more receptive to the idea.

@winduptoy Most of my family members are Mac users, so I have a lot less leverage there. :/

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