I've been working over the summer to document everything I've been able to pull off with Ledger to run a business and survive the US tax system. Basically picking up where the Ledger manual left off. It's completely free and open, uses only plaintext files.

I still need a trained accountant to fill out the damn forms for me, but I can at least provide all the right numbers with minimal effort!


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@winduptoy is plaintext the main feature that makes it preferable to GnuCash? It looks like a neat way to do it.

@brendan yeah the flexibility is much greater. Since you are the only one who writes to the file (Ledger only reads it), the chances of a software bug corrupting your data is almost zero. It feels much more like functional programming; Ledger simply generates reports, you are in control of the immutable input.

@winduptoy I'll have to make some time to try it out. I do bookkeeping for a cooperative, and I think the plaintext records would be nicer for fellow members to review.

@brendan It can be a little bit overwhelming when getting started because of the ambiguous free-form nature of it. Give me a shout if you want some help!

@winduptoy I always love seeing how others arrange their ledgers when working with those tools. I should probably post my own.

Never used the bucket or tag feature. Very cool.

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