@neauoire is there a way to step individual instructions in uxnemu? Maybe I'm missing something.

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@neauoire That's cool! Do you think it's worthwhile? If so, I think I'll take a stab at it and send a patch your way.

@winduptoy I've written some pretty complex applications without the need for it, I don't think it's necessary, but if you wanna built it for yourself you should go for it :)

@winduptoy Are you familiar with uxncli and the debugger(F2) in uxnemu?

@neauoire I am familiar with F2, but I'm having trouble visualizing the stack sometimes. If I could set a breakpoint and watch the stack in the debugger as I step through a few instructions, and then resume execution, I think that would make it easier to see where I caused an underflow or something.

I am familiar with the existence of the CLI in the sense that I can run roms and print to the console, but not any debugging tools beyond printing.

@winduptoy then yeah maybe something like a step debugger is the best step forward :)

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