Does anybody here host email at home? My terrible USA residential ISP blocks port 25 unless I upgrade to business plan. 💸 Any tricks for getting around that?

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@winduptoy Not an expert by any means, but I was considering hosting rss at home without access to ports and got some advice here:

The best solution was to use a free tunnel ( to get around it, but as I'm struggling with trying to figure out hosting some rss on VPS on my own, I didn't research further.

@winduptoy based on some research i did last year, even if you were able to open the port(s), it would be very difficult to avoid being filtered as spam by the big providers. (this assumes that you would like to exchange mails with them)
i remember a big list of things that you would need to figure out... i only recall: having a static ip, and your domain listed when doing a reverse DNS query; those are almost impossible to have in a residential plan, as far as i know :sadlinux:

@sejo ah yes, that's what I was missing. The social issues are just as big as the technical ones... I guess I'll keep dreaming about everyone running their own home node one day in the solarpunk future.

I feel skeptical trusting my email provider even though they're far more trustworthy than GMail, but if I set up a VPS for friends and family to serve their email, I don't trust the cloud provider either... Whatever. :thisisfine:

@winduptoy @sejo I could see a world of "differing trusts" emerging wrt email - a "small web" of independent email servers that trust each other, but don't keep up with the perpetual arms race of trying to be able to federate with the Gmails and Outlooks of the world

(fwiw I used to run email on a VPS up until about 2015. I miss owning the data but I miss nothing about all the "delivery failed!" notifications I'd get mailed back :\)

@klardotsh @sejo yeah I look forward to that! For now though I communicate with about 2 people who would be interested in that kind of thing. The rest of my family, friends, and business contacts have no idea nor care, so they're happy to stick with Gmail. 😒

@klardotsh @sejo I think adjusting behavior and expectations is more important than technical solutions in the long term. I've gotten pretty strict about friends and family sharing my email address and signing me up for mailing lists and junk like that. I tell them not to do it and then explain the privacy and cognitive benefits of changing their behavior. It's starting to work for some of them (especially those with 41,000 unread items in their inbox).

@klardotsh @sejo I started playing with SIEVE recently trying to send specific rejection messages for specific reasons. For example, reject my parents when they email with their gmail address instead of the private one they have set up. Reject anything with the X-Mailer-Mailchimp header. A business contact has been emailing me tracking pixels because he's hooked into some nasty app that "maximizes engagement." I can reject his mail based on the existence of a link.

@klardotsh @sejo I realize that my mail client disables loading remote assets, but that shit just needs to stop. </rant>

Oops was that an HTML tag closing my rant instead of plaintext?

@klardotsh @winduptoy there's something like that in the servers:
> The Circumlunar Universe is a confederation of independently administered but tightly interconnected public-access unix servers,[...]
> Admins of Circumlunar Colonies are encouraged, [...] to facilitate close relations with these friends and allies, e.g. by allowing outgoing SSH connections to other pubnix servers, [...], permitting email exchange, etc.


@winduptoy - What is the difference in cost between a home plan and a business one?

Residential: $40/month for 25 Mbit down
Business: $99/month for 25 Mbit down

@winduptoy - I understand why the business option isn't an alternative.

100Mbit residential is ~$47 here with no blocked ports.

Would you consider a fully p2p encrypted mail service, or is the idea to trust your own servers only?

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