- Spent a season farming full-time, grew 2,194 pounds of produce, made zero profit
- Made a new friend farming
- Rebuilt Slimvoice as a local app
- Bought a motorcycle
- Attended a biochar workshop
- Learned to sharpen knives
- Lived with my brother for a few months
- Started developing a privacy-respecting phone
- Made a little app
- Developed a deep interest in permaculture, a responsibility I have felt for a long time without knowing the name
- Launched 4 commercial sites

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@james @winduptoy A type of gardening or agriculture that focuses on longevity, often with perennial plantings (crops that come back year after year on the same plant).

That's a simplification and maybe @winduptoy has a better answer.

In any case, I am very interested in #permaculture and also #PermaComputing

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