Does anybody remember a WebGL game that made the rounds a few years ago for being well designed? You played as a little shape that hovered over some grass and flowers and the audio was procedurally generated as you floated around. When you collected an orb the colors would change. It was minimal, geometric, relaxing. An hour of browsing search engines and Itch has turned up nothing.

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@Ludonaut wow! good guess, those are pretty accurate to my description! not quite it, the one i'm thinking of is more pastel colors

@winduptoy vaguely. Maybe have been one of 5e listed chrome experiments , probably around 2015ish?

@exquisitecorp yes! I browsed chrome experiments but couldn't find it! I could have sworn it was definitely on chrome experiments, and 2015 sounds like exactly the right timeframe. still looking...

@xrasl good guess! the color palette is spot on, but the one i'm thinking of was more like an interactive experiment, not a paid game.

@winduptoy an add-on to that question -- one of the Ferry Halim Orisinal games involved floating past falling flowers. You didn't actually have to do anything. Elegiac ending. I can't remember what that one was called so I can't set searches to check if it's been rewritten in the post-Flash world. Anyone? Falling cherryblossoms and a basket and a fan.

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