trying my hand at implementing JonesForth for Cortex-M0 lets goooo


to anybody who's read JonesForth: why does he reserve 3 bits but only use two flags in the length byte (IMMEDIATE and HIDDEN)? Seems like words could be up to 64 characters long if only 2 bits are reserved.

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@winduptoy words shouldnt be up to 64characters long :)

@eris I agree, but was considering adding namespace capabilities. Do you have any advice on building up a large dictionary of words that have conflicting names for different contexts? (e.g. ERASE - erase memory? erase display? erase user input? I can easily think of a million conflicts.)

@winduptoy namespace mechanisms are achieved through different mechanisms in forth (wordlists!)

in a forth project, if you have a name conflict, you can use a different name - erasing memory is more often than not zero'ing memory, or 0 FILL ing it (:p). erasing the display is generally 'clearing' (any number of words work here though! RUBOUT to clear maybe?) the screen. as for user input, i probably wouldnt have a routine for that

@winduptoy essentially; you shouldnt be reusing word names across projects, and if a name is taken, its not hard to find another that encapsulates the same meaning

@eris that totally makes sense for a single person, but what if I have a collection of code written by person A for domain X and unrelated code written by person B for domain Y, and they both happen to both define the same word? How would one implement a system that requires both and deals with the conflicting word(s)?

Thanks for your advice!

@winduptoy forth advice is to not blindly copy paste code from other projects; plan out code beforehand, and rename the words if it's really a problem (ctrl-f). if you want a mechanical solution, wordlists, but this is a planning and implementation issue, not a technical issue

@winduptoy forth philosophy: dont write hooks, slots, etc, dont solve problems you might have, solve problems you do have

@winduptoy gur last bit is used for gur lenmask flag, iirc it has something to do with skipping over hidden words

@winduptoy could just be an oversight. It does seem odd that there’s an unused bit in between the HIDDEN and IMMEDIATE flags. I don’t see any masking to look at that bit either.

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