I'm connected to my device over serial/UART using minicom, but I want to defer sending what I type to the device until I hit enter, allowing me to correct typos before sending. I've read that this is called "cooked" or "canonical" mode as opposed to raw mode, which sends every character as you type.

I can't find anything online or in the Minicom manual about getting it into cooked/buffered/line mode. Does anybody use this?

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@winduptoy i don't think minicom supports this. you can look for "line discipline" as well but when i glanced at the minicom docs i didn't see anything about it.

@d6 Yeah, don't see anything about discipline either.

I'm not married to minicom. I've searched high and low and can't find a straight answer on how to do this. What would you use? GNU screen? I see that `stty` has config options for cooked mode, but I can't wrap my head around how it fits in with the kernel, minicom, screen, etc.

@winduptoy i don't have any great suggestions. it's possible you could put something "in front of" minicom and buffer your input there.

@d6 lol everywhere mentioning cooked mode talks about it like it's a common thing but doesn't specify which tool will do it. must have been lost with the ages.

@winduptoy yeah i think it's all complicated and also kind of ancient. i'll try to write a more coherent response later with a suggestion to try.

@winduptoy There are probably many better options but I know the Arduino serial monitor works in line mode

@winduptoy I can give it a try later today but think maybe it would accept the output of echo to the remote?

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