I've been on a reading kick lately; the drudgery of public high school in the US killed any desire to read for pleasure and I'm making up for lost time now, over a decade later.

I recently discovered that my parents were required to read The Grapes of Wrath, 1984, and The Jungle in school. I was not introduced to any of those books in school.

I'm afraid of how people of my generation are blindly carrying on as obedient worker bees with no regard for anything but their paycheck.

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They were never given an opportunity to question what was ahead of them! We certainly scrutinized grammar and emotional poetry, but never explored the ways that we as workers and citizens could be manipulated or ways of protecting ourselves.

I always suspected that there was a corporate agenda that somehow trickled into my "education" and now that I can see the difference in reading lists from the previous generation, it's painfully obvious.

@winduptoy My life really started to open up in my 30s when I began to view news/books/movies from/about people outside of the US, or before/outside of colonization or capitalism or Christianity (the three C's haha). I just wanna be like, "hey high school kids, if you think The Jungle is crazy, have you seen this artsy European movie about a Mongolian boy who taps into his shamanic roots to help spare his people from the enclosure of the commons? Also, David Graeber exists..."

@winduptoy how wonderful that you're on a reading kick!! It opens you up to new worlds. So much to learn and so much to discover 😊

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