When I was in high school I got to go on a group tour of the local TV station. The TV station would indicate indicate school closures on the air when there was snow.

This kid in our group found a piece of paper during the tour describing the automated phone system IVR for calling in closures. He memorized it and went home and closed school the next day. Unfortunately they caught it at the last minute and he got in mega trouble, but that guy had balls. What a hacker.

This reminds me of a few other school incidents.

One guy changed his grades in the database, got caught.

We took final exams online via our school's self-hosted Blackboard, which was always "overloaded" during exam time. Come to find out one of my friends didn't study and was sending out deauth packets to continually kick everyone off the network. Exams were delayed, not caught.

Somebody remote-desktop'd into the "criminal justice" class and wrote "fuck the police" on the teacher's screen. 😂


There was one really obnoxious guy in college that was trash to me and others in high school. He always wore headphones through class, so I would SSH into the Mac at his desk and run "say" to talk to him. He was freaked out that the machine was talking to him and nobody believed him, since he had headphones in.

I also tediously figured out the Mac OS commands to take a selfie of him with the webcam and set it as his desktop background, all over SSH.

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