I'd like to rebuild Lichen with something that has a lot less voodoo going on than PHP/Apache (there seems to be a good number of issues with different hosting setups when it comes to .htaccess configurations).

It has to be something stupid simple to host, so do any current or prospective Lichen users mind sharing their current web host/server capabilities? Raw Linux, cPanel, Netlify, something else?

What does your ideal hosting situation look like?

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@winduptoy I've been thinking about this - both because I (really) like the design of Lichen and because I've been thinking about doing something similar with my site generator.

It seems like some people including myself like using Github's sites for its co-location with code, cost (free) and simplicity. I'd prefer if how I hosted my site was less dependent on Github, though. I could imagine some horrific serverless version that commits on your behalf via a gui (actually now that I've typed that, this is how a cms like works).

So maybe don't do that? Hah! Not helpful but I'll be thinking.

@winduptoy in my case, just a cheap VPS running Debian with Apache.
It would be great to have a easier way to install it. I wasn't capable to install it locally on a Mac, but maybe my settings were not properly set 🤷🏻‍♂️

@winduptoy When it comes to plug-and-play-ability, PHP + Apache is really hard to beat. Everything else requires more than mere file uploads :/

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