I just learned about the 2 kW society:

Having no clue what our actual totals were, I summed it up:

Worst cold month: 870 kWh
18 gallons of gas/mo: 601 kWh
@tickfoot and I share a 1.4L Toyota Yaris in a very bike/walk unfriendly city in SW Virginia.

That puts us at 1kW per person on the worst winter month. I can already see tons of room for improvement if our house were intelligently designed. (maybe 2 kW is bad goalpost?)

The 12 kW US average is nuts.

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@winduptoy @tickfoot Cool, did you just observe the electricity, warm water, and gas meters and then average out? Would be interested in my numbers

@winduptoy @tickfoot i heard about this in Kim Stanley Robinson's "eco-thriller" and also found it perplexing how people use *so much* energy, then I remember my college roomie who had, like, 5 dual-screen workstations running 24x7 in our shared house and he got mad when we said we weren't just going to split the electric bill equal ways.

@winduptoy That 2 kW is the total energy use, though. Including things like transporting your food to the shops (including any international shipping), your share of the energy which went into making the tractor which was used to harvest it, and so on. Typically including all that something like doubles household energy consumption (i.e., per capita energy consumption of a country is about double the average direct personal energy consumption).

I'm not sure if it's not also primary energy so including the heat that went up the cooling tower in whatever thermal power plant generated your electricity.

I should point out that the key word in that wikipedia article is "embodied energy."

If you draw 1 kWh from a wall socket, somewhere a power plant has to burn 2 to 3 kWh worth of fuel to make that possible. And then you have to add the cost of manufacturing, transporting, installing and maintaining all the electric infrastructure, from the power plant to the cables and substations to the energy cost of the wall socket itself.



Even the fuel for your car has to be extracted, refined, transported and stored, which needs to be added to its energy cost.

Seen that way, 2 kW becomes quite a bit more challenging.


@winduptoy Verrrry interested in a 200-watt society ☀️ 🌊 😈

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