Just had a chat with Facebook's new AI and it confirmed that Facebook is bad. I wonder how far I can take this. ๐Ÿ˜‚


This is my great great grandfather and his medals for winning bike races.

Can somebody help me understand what the heck is going on here? (ARM Cortex-M0)

When I assemble this simple blink program, it works flawlessly. When I remove line 22, all hell breaks loose.

As I understand it, .type directives are metadata only. So I diff the output of objdump between good and bad. You can see it's changing the pointer in my vector table by one. The disassembly of the bad one actually looks CORRECT though, because `main` starts at 0x10000108.

I have a low-end Dell netbook that I would like to keep using, but I suspect the disk is failing. It has 32GB soldered to the MB. I peeked inside and its a BGA chip, so essentially unfixable for me. As I was putting it back together I noticed this array of pins that look awfully like SATA, and sure enough the open space in the laptop fits a disk exactly. If I find a socket and solder it down, what are the chances this will just work? Is there a chance they neutered the BIOS so SATA doesn't work?

So this is what all those thousands of employees are working on! We've reached peak UI!

There was a point in time where I was really into Blender.

I tweeted this at Starbucks many years ago trying to get a product opportunity going. They never responded.

2021 pic of the year. Me attempting to turn the push mower into a riding mower via bamboo.

I needed a way to share project status with clients because email was getting out of control.

Solutions in order of consideration:
โ†’ App with all the features (e.g. Asana, Kanban board)
โ†’ Small self-hosted CMS
โ†’ Markdown to HTML renderer
โ†’ Just a plain text file

I host this over HTTP and the client can see the status any time. There's *no* software to break. Some python versioning snafu can't even ruin a basic Markdown script. I think it's pretty nice.

Here's a project I did for Mozilla a few years ago when they did a rebrand. At the time their new materials had quite a bit of noise/glitch stuff and they wanted it interactive and animated. I took the opportunity to dive deeper into fragment shaders to make this happen in WebGL. Unfortunately it got pulled at the last second (they were afraid it would be an epilepsy trigger) so I never got to show it off until now.

(click, wiggle mouse)

My first project! A moon phase tracker (more novelty than accurate).

I wrote a little script to get your large indexed images out of GIMP and into uxn: gemini://gemini.sensorstation.

Special thanks to @brendan and @alderwick for the math help!

I think this is a typo, but I completely agree with how it is presented. There is absolutely no excuse for being part of the IoT revolution.

We've migrated off of Github and Gitlab and now run git on a small home server to host all of our projects. Explaining how to `git init --bare --shared` over SSH while being mindful of all the gotchas and permissions details of running a Linux box isn't really something that everyone cares to master. So I made a simple CGI script to create new repos in one click, all served over our Gemini in-home dashboard. ~50 lines.


A lot of small farmers reuse old clothes washers to spin and dry their greens. We don't have space for such a thing on our small urban plot, so I made this stupid thing. Total cost: $0.00.

My wife @tickfoot and I harvested and sold our first ever produce this month while small farming as our sort-of full-time job. I'll be publishing the numbers every month as well as a year-end report. Obviously we're not in it for the money. ๐Ÿ’ธ



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