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3 stages of dog companionship:

1. Try to clean the hair before it gets in your food.
2. Accept that the hair gets in the food and that you need to pull it out.
3. Just eat the hair.

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Energypedia is a wiki platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy, energy access, and energy efficiency topics in developing countries


@khm @joegrimer This is interesting! Do you have any alternatives that you like better, or yet-to-be-implemented designs that feel right to you? The only other DVCSs I am aware of are fossil and bazaar.

@rosano I've been working on a license that I believe checks almost all of these boxes. I would love to hear any feedback about the financial part; it basically asks for payment proportional to the value provided and the financial ability for the user to pay it, then uses Karma as a threat.


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There's something incredibly... wonderful about writing a person an email after you've read their gemlog which you randomly stumbled over. And if they answer and you actually end up having a real conversation. This. This is peak internet.

@esi I ended up in the same boat; generic just never worked for me. I was hoping that Lisp's 'data-is-code/code-is-data' would be some kind of secret sauce in this realm, but my frustrations with Lisp made me ditch it. I ended up with just custom Go templates and a custom Go program for My data → my website: no hacks, gotchas, or lengthy tutorials.

@birdstare Here's my problem: I don't have dental insurance, so this is a transaction between me and the dentist; no insurance scams involved.

I respect the dentist's expertise, so if they look in my mouth and say "wow this looks odd, we better do an x-ray" then I will happily agree. But the up-front bullying for expensive and harmful procedures before any evaluation has taken place is what's killing me. This does not happen in Europe, so I don't believe that the US has more advanced practices.

@zens I am aware of cavities that spread to the brain. I would go to the dentist at the first sign of a serious toothache or cavity.

When the dentist whips up in his BMW looks in my mouth for, I kid you not, 15 seconds, and then sends me a $339 bill for a basic cleaning with x-rays, and this happens twice per year, I'm inclined to look for alternatives.

@neauoire "needed" 💸 💸 💸 is what I'm trying to get to the bottom of.

If you don't mind me asking, what's your hygiene practices? Since you haven't been back, I assume you've had no tooth issues since?

@FredBednarski Thank you for confirming this! I read that on a shady website, but I was looking for a first-hand account of this!

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I also have a few more pertinent details to drop here:
1. My long-term dentist isn't willing to consider my record of good health and delay the x-rays.
2. When finding a new dentist, not a single one of them could be bothered to contact the old dentist to see previous x-rays and make an assesment. They "need" their OWN x-ray.
3. They all tout the safety of modern x-rays, such low dosage. I suspect Jevons paradox: "they're less harmful, let's do more of them!" 💸

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@tendigits That's cool, your dentist sounds like a real human being. My dentists have always berated me when I try to do that.

My wife feels the same way, but she really wants her teeth cleaned by an expert. Any advice on finding a dentist that isn't a bully?

Also curious if Europeans get x-rays every six months, or is this another American money grab.

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Looking for dental advice:

In the US, every dentist I've seen will not clean my teeth without an x-ray. My teeth have been perfect since birth, so I don't think that something new has cropped up in the past six months.

I've stopped going to the dentist for this reason; I'm tired of getting radiated and I'm tired of getting bullied into a $300+ x-ray that reveals nothing. I just brush my teeth and eat well.


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@royniang that seems pretty good! the textbox appears to allow constraining text to a specific area. unfortunate about mac only, I need something cross platform. might give skia port a try...

Hey town, is there a newer equivalent to PostScript that has layout constraints?

I'm trying to feed some variable data into a script and get a printable output, but when the result spans across multiple printed pages, the math required for calculating when to break the page becomes too much to do in a reasonable amount of time.

I am aware of this cool technique, but ya know, would like to avoid that massive web browser dependency...

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The progress of our urban market garden from January 2020 until today. 🤗 It's not just us enjoying this place, but an abundance of wildlife - bats, birds, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, racoons, rabbits, toads, lizards, and insects all working together to make it an oasis of nourishment.

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