@maxc how did you accomplish this? putting the repo in /home/private and writing a post-receive hook?

@milofultz where are you learning? I'm looking for good resources. I've read some books but without hands-on projects from start to finish I feel like it doesn't stick.

I might check this out: udemy.com/course/crash-course-

@mrshll Nice! I hope to do that one day. Did you camp or hotel?

@jrc03c I think we might need more details regarding how much content and what the structure is.

This can be done with no JS if you just want to make one long page with HTML anchors and a `position: fixed` table of contents that scrolls with you. Or put each section inside of a `<details>/<summary>` container. Depends on how much data and how deep you need the linking to go.

@mrshll I've found tons of good dirt here in Virginia on OpenStreetMaps that's non-existent on the other mapping services.

My dad and I ride; I hope my brother and I can bond over it too one day.

I just learned about the 2 kW society: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000-wat

Having no clue what our actual totals were, I summed it up:

Worst cold month: 870 kWh
18 gallons of gas/mo: 601 kWh
@tickfoot and I share a 1.4L Toyota Yaris in a very bike/walk unfriendly city in SW Virginia.

That puts us at 1kW per person on the worst winter month. I can already see tons of room for improvement if our house were intelligently designed. (maybe 2 kW is bad goalpost?)

The 12 kW US average is nuts.

@platypus Just passed my technician exam thanks to your recommendation! Hope I can get my hands on that free HT when my callsign comes in.

I'd like to rebuild Lichen with something that has a lot less voodoo going on than PHP/Apache (there seems to be a good number of issues with different hosting setups when it comes to .htaccess configurations).

It has to be something stupid simple to host, so do any current or prospective Lichen users mind sharing their current web host/server capabilities? Raw Linux, cPanel, Netlify, something else?

What does your ideal hosting situation look like?

@rozina same, @tickfoot taught me that it the season changes can be hard on your body

@exquisitecorp maybe Svelte or Mithril.js or Elm? Something outside of the regular npm path.

@rostiger I chose PHP because I assumed that's the lowest common denominator for almost all web hosts.

I'd love to rewrite it in something completely different, even all the way down to Forth, if it makes sense and makes it truly the most painless install/maintenance process ever.

What web host are you using/what are its capabilities? I'd love to simplify and make it work for you.

@rostiger I'm sorry it's giving you such trouble, it's supposed to be easy!

I really like the direction of Lichen but I'm unhappy with the execution. There's a lot of Apache magic happening in the .htaccess that hurts the brain, even moreso when I've spent a month away from it. I don't know if it can be changed, that's just how Apache/PHP works.

@rostiger yeah i think it needs to be in the root. Not for any good technical reason, but I haven't had time to poke around and fix that. Sorry about that.

Went to listen to a Cherokee man speak about native plants and foraging. The best part of his talk:

"The longest journey you will take in your life is from here [points to head] to here [points to heart]."

@bx there was just a basic whitelist of programs that could run, no other heuristics of which programs were allowed. WINWORD.EXE is the name of microsoft word, obviously on the whitelist. I'm sure NOTEPAD.EXE would have worked too.

@rostiger @irimi1 @thomasorus @milofultz ummm, the HTML is dynamically generated serverside, there's no JS. You might be confusing that with react-type frontends. Lichen has no downsides as far as SEO goes.

@rostiger @irimi1 @thomasorus @milofultz although I think it would be nice to add a generate-static-html.sh script to Lichen, which would only run PHP (no apache) in the event you need static HTML for archival.

However, gemtext is so dang simple, you can use any language you like to do anything with it. The point is that gemtext is a good baseline for your content to transform to anything if necessary.

@rostiger @irimi1 @thomasorus @milofultz in the case of lichen, that's correct, but gemtext is viewable with nice clients like Lagrange.


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