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My wife feels the same way, but she really wants her teeth cleaned by an expert. Any advice on finding a dentist that isn't a bully?

Also curious if Europeans get x-rays every six months, or is this another American money grab.

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Looking for dental advice:

In the US, every dentist I've seen will not clean my teeth without an x-ray. My teeth have been perfect since birth, so I don't think that something new has cropped up in the past six months.

I've stopped going to the dentist for this reason; I'm tired of getting radiated and I'm tired of getting bullied into a $300+ x-ray that reveals nothing. I just brush my teeth and eat well.


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Hey town, is there a newer equivalent to PostScript that has layout constraints?

I'm trying to feed some variable data into a script and get a printable output, but when the result spans across multiple printed pages, the math required for calculating when to break the page becomes too much to do in a reasonable amount of time.

I am aware of this cool technique, but ya know, would like to avoid that massive web browser dependency...

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The progress of our urban market garden from January 2020 until today. 🤗 It's not just us enjoying this place, but an abundance of wildlife - bats, birds, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, racoons, rabbits, toads, lizards, and insects all working together to make it an oasis of nourishment.

I think this is a typo, but I completely agree with how it is presented. There is absolutely no excuse for being part of the IoT revolution.

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We've made a lot of progress on our rural plot in just a few weeks. We're working to turn this conventionally farmed space into a permanent no-till, biologically restored market garden. So far so good - I expect we'll get a run for our money this season on keeping plants happy. 😅

We've migrated off of Github and Gitlab and now run git on a small home server to host all of our projects. Explaining how to `git init --bare --shared` over SSH while being mindful of all the gotchas and permissions details of running a Linux box isn't really something that everyone cares to master. So I made a simple CGI script to create new repos in one click, all served over our Gemini in-home dashboard. ~50 lines.

It does not meet any OSHA standards, and is hard on the shins when things get out of control.

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A lot of small farmers reuse old clothes washers to spin and dry their greens. We don't have space for such a thing on our small urban plot, so I made this stupid thing. Total cost: $0.00.

My wife @tickfoot and I harvested and sold our first ever produce this month while small farming as our sort-of full-time job. I'll be publishing the numbers every month as well as a year-end report. Obviously we're not in it for the money. 💸



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