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Hello Merveilles 👋 I've been a big fan of this instance for a long time and I'm honored to join the likes of everyone here.

Much of my time is spent working with plants and animals, preserving harvests, and educating folks on all of these things. I also design and build tools and software alongside @winduptoy at I'm 500-hr certified yoga instructor, VCE Master Gardener, and pursuing a dedicated art practice.

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I'm connected to my device over serial/UART using minicom, but I want to defer sending what I type to the device until I hit enter, allowing me to correct typos before sending. I've read that this is called "cooked" or "canonical" mode as opposed to raw mode, which sends every character as you type.

I can't find anything online or in the Minicom manual about getting it into cooked/buffered/line mode. Does anybody use this?

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I *love* audiobooks. When I was a high-school-aged page at a public library in the 1980s, I would pass endless hours shelving and repairing books while listening to "books on tape" from the library's collection. By the time iTunes came along, I'd amassed a huge collection of cassette and CD audiobooks and I painstakingly ripped them to my collection.


Here I am with my $10 logic analyzer and my ARM chip, writing assembly from scratch and debugging it. I always thought this kind of work would forever be beyond my skill level, but here I am doing it and having a blast. The young web developer me would think my hacker level is over 9000.

You can do it too! 😎

Slow and steady progress on big projects.

This is my great great grandfather and his medals for winning bike races.

I'm beginning to find sufficiently abstract C code to be more confusing than assembly. Like, just poke the register and write a comment explaining what you're doing, don't give it ten different names spread out across multiple files.

The good one on the left SHOULDN'T work because instructions need to be aligned, and 0x10000109 is not 2-byte aligned (Thumb), but somehow it does?

Why is the .type directive affecting my vector table at all?

My brain is cooked. 🤦

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Can somebody help me understand what the heck is going on here? (ARM Cortex-M0)

When I assemble this simple blink program, it works flawlessly. When I remove line 22, all hell breaks loose.

As I understand it, .type directives are metadata only. So I diff the output of objdump between good and bad. You can see it's changing the pointer in my vector table by one. The disassembly of the bad one actually looks CORRECT though, because `main` starts at 0x10000108.

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Green skills are the knowledge and abilities needed to develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society, such as permaculture gardening, ecological construction, maintenance, recycling and renovation.


to anybody who's read JonesForth: why does he reserve 3 bits but only use two flags in the length byte (IMMEDIATE and HIDDEN)? Seems like words could be up to 64 characters long if only 2 bits are reserved.

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trying my hand at implementing JonesForth for Cortex-M0 lets goooo

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Van :twitter:

If "Share The Road" feels more difficult/dangerous than it used to, it's because it is.

Does anybody remember a WebGL game that made the rounds a few years ago for being well designed? You played as a little shape that hovered over some grass and flowers and the audio was procedurally generated as you floated around. When you collected an orb the colors would change. It was minimal, geometric, relaxing. An hour of browsing search engines and Itch has turned up nothing.

I wrote down everything I know about the NUU F4L dumbphone: gemini://gemini.sensorstation.

✅ Enable adb
✅ Sideload APKs
✅ Piece of crap

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I've made granola before, but this recipe is definitely our new favorite - crunchy and flavorful without being too sweet or over the top.

Paired with homemade organic yogurt and it's a real breakfast treat. 🙂

I adapted this recipe to our taste using these ingredients:

- gluten-free oats
- raw pecans and almonds
- raw pumpkin seeds
- shredded coconut
- coconut oil
- vanilla
- cinnamon
- generous squeeze of raw honey

@oppen do you use Android Studio? I'm astonished at how painfully slow this entire thing is for building a hello world app.

"Gradle Build finished in 5m 37s"

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