Will be spending the next week-ish getting back into the swing of things with the medium I'm most comfortable with, writing, while doing character sketches and illustrations as practice to build up for more completed visual works soon.

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My goal with focusing on this is to be able to turn this arc into something like a visual novel type game over the next year or so.

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For the next little while, I'll be focusing on a particular story arc within my immortal story called "Orchestration of a Hierarchical Envy", as well as the satellite itself.

Been a while once again, but I'm in a spot now where I can get back to doing stuff!

This should be the last character to be added, bringing the total cast up to 25 members (17 of which are technically main characters)!

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Added a new character, Emerald, to my immortal story. Also, I've finished making introductory paragraphs for every character now.

Extremely grateful to have this place to go back to after almost a month of inactivity with little obligation to explain or apologize. Even still, sorry for the absence! I'm ok!

At last, every character in my story is named! Aliz and Icalin are the last two to be named, so I'll sit on those for a few days before they become set-in-stone. Here's my WIP documentation for characters:


Been a few days since I've done something, and it seems like for the first time since I started xavoneir, the "keep the streak going" motivator is actually working

@xavoneir Where do I get the lore?

Really digging this album, it sounds like a Mars rover humming to itself a threnody as its circuits fry under solar radiation

...look, I may be in a mood tonight

Updated the written lore for Nowhere as well now. This one was initially a lot worse than Omniontiac, eesh.

Revised the written story for Omniontiac with improvements to spelling and grammar.


Updated a list of everything I own!

TOTAL: 700 things
CLOTHES: 202 things
TOOLS: 109 things
BOOKS/PAPER: 81 things
HYGIENE: 33 things
TOYS: 28 things
CONTAINERS: 22 things

Working at redoing the list of my possessions, it's taking FOREVER but hopefully I'll maintain it this time around

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