@neauoire Do the regions of Dinaisth extend deep into the surface of the satellite, going down into its inner planetary regions as if there were no mantle or core? Wait, is Dinaisth even shaped like a sphere?

Procured new keyboard! It's a 40%. Will take some getting used to, to say the least, but I love it already!

Finally have a financial plan looking forward, which means worries there are now a matter of execution and little else. More time for xavoneir, freed!

Super busy weekend, been tired ever since. Working up to things, been doing lots of tiny sketches.

Looks like I'll be keeping the character name as "Ynntra" then! To be clear: the character is NOT a self-insert by any means, and the character doesn't serve the same function as my using the name.

Poll test. Should I change the name of my story character Ynntra over to "Aliz" instead, to avoid confusion?

Gonna sleep on this icon and if it still looks sufficient tomorrow then I'll use it, no more tweaks.

Messed about with line thickness, it seems like I was pretty close with these first few tries.

Second pass - I don't think splitting it into 2 shapes works well? Still unsure.

First rough draft for the 2019-2020 icon. Not bad, I think, but it definitely needs work.

Thinking in advance about my annual profile icon change. Seems like a good time for a year off from 'Xavience's corkscrew', and onto another icon.

For a while I’ve been having trouble sharing images of myself, especially since I’m well into the process of experimenting with how I look and not settled on anything in any sense yet. But, I could just say that outright and then be completely fine with sharing.

Listened to 19 albums during my trip to Oregon, consistently helped my mood. Gonna try to listen to new music daily, rather than the spurts of ‘music days’ I had every few weeks.

Officially heading back from Portland. Was an amazing experience!

“As an adult, it's rare to feel bad at something.” —@neauoire @ #XOXOFest on getting out of your comfort zone in a system that often encourages us to specialize

Pictured: Rekka and Devine of Hundred Rabbits 100r.co

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