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Neophyte polymath, attempting to build vivid and cohesive realities to inspire others with. My real name is Conrad Leander, and I enjoy plants, art, wind, and thinking about impossible things.

So apparently there was a novel for Myst? And I own it now... huh.

Taken a few weeks off of doing anything, and my skin has been constantly crawling to get back to making stuff.

Broken down into categories, here are the things I own:

MISC: 173 things
CLOTHES: 159 things
DEVICES: 115 things
BOOKS/PAPER: 55 things
DECORATION: 37 things
FURNITURE: 25 things

Finally got around to that list of everything I own. Turns out, I own exactly 564 things.

Posting to social media as dryly as I have been seems to negatively impact my view of it. Time to change that!

A day after I get it set up, the hard drive is now either dead or disconnected.

Here's a document containing scraps and rough sketches of writing for interactions between recurring characters of mine. So far, there's only 1 - "Xeno & the Butterfly".

Got Void Linux working again today. Gonna rice it over the course of the next week so I can have a comfy little platform to build my wiki from.

Keep forgetting to put things on social media...

Worked through some big stuff today internally, also came up with a new character or two.

Nowhere LP has just finished being mastered again.

Strange & chorded keyboard layouts have entirely consumed my desires now. All I want are the wacky keys.

Designed a 22-key chorded keyboard layout with some friends today. Really hoping we get to build it at some point down the line.

Switching from slowly but surely learning Danish to slowly but surely learning Norwegian, because learning proper pronunciation in Danish is simply too much to ask while also learning Japanese.

With certain amounts of iterations, pareidolia can be brought out in high amounts it seems.

Creating and maintaining a list of recurring characters while I work on an overarching worldbuilding project.

Been finding it really hard to display activity online. Mostly just been doing sketches and work I'm not inclined to share.

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