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Neophyte polymath, attempting to build vivid and cohesive realities to inspire others with. My real name is Conrad Leander, and I enjoy plants, art, wind, and thinking about impossible things.

Considering making prints or something for the Ferrofluid series.

Gonna take some time offline for the most part for the first few days of break (Thursday to Saturday?). Will still work on personal projects, just need to relax and distance myself from noise as much as possible.

School has left me thoroughly drained of motivation. The burnout is more intense than ever before.

Does anyone here have "Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]" and also spare time sometimes? I need some people to play with...

Bonus materials for the Nowhere LP have been assembled, with more possibly added as it continues towards release.

Going to sink many, many hours into finding a track from an old Aliceffekt playlist (ALIFE) while @neauoire isn't here.

Among my most prized possessions is a bottle containing a small amount of ferrofluid. I love it so much.

First time scanning a drawing in from reality, here's an embarrassing five-minute sketch of Em (a character of mine), inspired in part by one of Deuveir's drawings.

Diagram showing how I originally got portions of my username/handle. Will probably make a more nuanced version of this later.

Some old, left over images from the Ferrofluid series. The first one was actually specifically made for the Merveilles Zine, which (I think?) is still in the works.

Came up with the idea for a massive spanning singular story I would really want to tell today !?!?

Probably gonna take it easy and experiment with drawing and 3D modelling the next week or so, instead of doing something bigger or part of a larger project. After that, I'll hopefully get back to putting together a basic iteration of my wiki.

Changing the name of this series from Waves to Ferrofluid, and considering it complete for the time being. New experiments must be conducted.

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