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Neophyte polymath, attempting to build vivid and cohesive realities to inspire others with. My real name is Conrad Leander, and I enjoy plants, art, wind, and thinking about impossible things.

Apologies for the absence, I should be back for a long while now. What all have you been up to lately?

Tried plenty of ways of organizing playlists, nothing has stuck and it has been years now. Trying out playlists based on times of day and weather, and how I feel in relation to those things and music.

Found a way of styling my hair that I'm comfortable with while I grow it out. Every day I get closer to being comfortable with showing myself.

Looking back on what I have studied throughout my life, it's mostly philosophy and linguistics. Perhaps I should look further into things that yield a more tangible output.

My last name has been chosen. As of now, I'm Ynntra Neir.

Incredibly windy weather over where I live, I've been loving it. What a good way to transition into the new year.

Name has been changed! Will keep the real name on some platforms until I come up with a last name.

However, as I have stated before, I'll make up for not being able to go by doing all the other things I've been saying I would in 2019 - make more connections, plan out a possible Vancouver meetup (most likely in 2020), expand my creative perimeter with better equipment.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Spring 2019 trip to Japan/meetup with Merveilles. My chaperone is not in good condition and will not be at the time of the trip. Thus, due to circumstances outside of my control, I cannot go.

2019 is the year I intend to reach out to all of those who interest me and those who have followed me, and make new friends and connections. I've had pretty bad social anxiety for a while, but it's time for that to go away.

The tracks of the Omniontiac EP have been fully compiled, and given reworks and transitions where necessary.

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