Finally, here are the official details for ! In the following link, you'll find setup instructions to get hypercard up and running, and some details about everything else!

What are you using to get HyperCard running? I may give it a go tomorrow 🤔

Everyone is making a coronazine. Me too.

I can’t draw, my penmanship is awful.

The words are true enough.

“I’m having trouble filling my days. My days are having trouble filling me.”

I've finally deployed my powered personal wiki aka the Exobrain!

Still lots of stuff I need to clean up and transfer from the private notes, but it's a start!

Hello all! I'm a computer musician and composer based in the US.

I created an open source python system for computer music composition called Pippi -- which is complemented by an interactive system for performance called Astrid.

I operate a sporadic netlabel called LuvSound ( and an ever-growing web radio station with a focus on generative music called Aleatoric Forest. (


Quarantine hobby: classifying puzzle games by cognitive function.

A thread about Wilmot's Warehouse.

(gameplay segment so you can understand what I'm going on about: )

Okay so what about Linux Hardening streaming in English through Jitsi on Saturday at:

17:00 in Madrid
12:00 in NY
16:00 in London

I think that time is more or less reasonable for most of the guys here? What do you think?

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Por otro lado, si tu interés es más bien la #ProgramacionFuncional (o simple curiosidad 😎), desde Habla Computing están organizando através de ScalaMAD una "Introducción a #Scala".

Empiezan el martes 31 a las 19:00!


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very detailed, thought-out and well-written notes on notetaking (the only topic that i'm going to care about today)

I've relearned how to manually do divisions, though. Because of *the thing*, the Spanish public TV has a new show where a teacher gives lectures on mathematics, biology, arts... for kids between 6 to 16 years old. It was quite cool.

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So far, so good. I've read some news headers from the links my friends have sent, but I have not read any article, nor heard any news on the TV about *the thing*. Tomorrow I'll try to isolate my exposure to the news during some part of the day, as I still need to get informed.

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Today will be a news-on-covid-free day for me. Will be difficult, but I need it.

normal people after working out: loved this workout! i'm so full of energy! i feel so productive now and will accomplish tons of things today

me after working out: i wanna die please at least let me lie down and sleep

What workout routines do you follow? I need to start doing *something*, but it's difficult to find one that is evidence-based and focused on optimizing the health/time ratio.

I love spending my time working out as much as I love spending it sleeping. That is: nada. But as well as sleeping, I acknowledge it is necessary. Any help?

weird, math, probably fictional, scary story, boost OK 

i was lucky the connection / disconnection timing for obs gave me a clean cut of my yesterday performance for eulerroom equinox =D

it just doesn't look like orca in the preview, live mostly starts at 2:00 after checking out i was successfully streaming

few things are as genuinely calming as sitting in front of a full-screened, dark terminal containing a personal project, with music in the background

So, my new netlabel is up and there's already a release on it, it's an EP I made with @neauoire's Orca esoteric language.
It has two sides, a techno one and a glitch one.

Enjoy, it's in NYP, so you can grab it for free or give a little donation !

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