I bit off more than I could chew for day 14 of the nucklavee is one crazy demon

hey aliens,

when we launch billionaires into space, those are for you. you're supposed to take them. those are free specimens for your research. on the house

you're welcome

In honor of this dark and spoopy time, I shall repost my magnum opus, the sine of the beast.

Being able to calligraphy has sent me mad with power!

CW - lots of naughty words here. I'm not marking as sensitive because it's hard to read them just from the thumbnails.

This was supposed to be an hour-ish long practice piece, but I got a bit carried away and three and a half hours later... XD

The green's a bit brighter than I like, it's pretty dark in the bottle. Oh well.

Materials list in the next toot ^.^

#Calligraphy #MastoArt

i get so nervous when teachers share their screen and go off into different apps like what if you accidentally show us your werewolf erotica fanfic i know youll recover and its fine but also what do we do

The achromatic gang is having a blast with avatars. In this Town, we sure know how to party!

So happy looking at the Merveilles avatars tonight. I'll change mine tomorrow :3

anyone know of a mastodon TUI client with sixel support (to inline images)? as much as I love Pinafore in the browser, I recently remembered that my terminal (foot) supports sixel, and thus I don't... actually need to use a web/gui client

Web dev be like:

"I want to detect if a CSS variable has been changed"
"Sure, here's a very hacky solution with very specific requirements that are a pain to implement because there's no official way to do this"
"I want to detect if a user is sitting in a >3m² room, alone, and hasn't blinked in the last 2 seconds"
"You can use this 1-liner that utilizes the RoomSizeUserPresenceAndEyeBlink API Google pushed into standards to totally not improve their tracking of users"

we should, as a society, develop a custom to go "bla bla bla bla bla" and cover our eyes whenever we encounter an advertisement

Fifth leaf...

You see, I've been here for over a week now and painted without thinking of posting these.
Sorry, that it might feel spammy today.

So far it was almost one leaf every day.

Isn't this one cool???

#MastoArt #watercolor #hiking

"If I'm ever put in charge of a country, I'm going to spend all my time trying to think of new ways to make life a nightmare for GIS people."


El Supremo condena a Alberto Rodríguez pese al voto de un juez que alerta del riesgo para el “derecho fundamental” de la sentencia

Amelia Martínez-Lobo, de la Fundación Rosa Luxemburgo, le pone nombre a estas redes de la derecha que cruzan fronteras: "la Internacional reaccionaria".

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Presentación del libro De los neocón a los neonazis: la derecha radical en el estado español. ¡Ya empieza! youtube.com/watch?v=jeXw6z1aPm

¿Se parece nuestra extrema derecha a la de Bolsonaro o Trump?

De eso hablaremos a las 18:30h en la presentación online del libro 📕‘De los neocón a los neonazis. La derecha radical en el Estado español’

Sigue el streaming aquí: elsal.to/23203

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