What's some technical book you'd recommend having at home?

I have a budget for books at job that I'm kind of wasting, because I don't usually buy technical books.

Boosts ok!

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@xiroux I'm assuming you mean technical as in software development right?

@xiroux it covers the basic, how to treat water, how to make a bowline knot, etc. It's practical if someone gets sick, or injured and the communications are down.

@neauoire It probably does not fit the criteria of work-related, but now I'm curious πŸ‘€

@neauoire Yeah, my first toot is not super clear, sorry. I'm a full-stack (Go + React with Typescript) software developer at a company developing a chat product.

@neauoire No problem, your initial suggestion is probably way more interesting than what I can find that fits the work-related criteria. Thanks! :)

@xiroux this may not be related to your field, but Horowitz and Hill's Art of Electronics is simultaneously one of the best educational and reference books in any domain

@syntacticsugarglider I'm a software developer, so it probably does not fit the criteria, but it looks promising. Is that suitable for complete noobs? I know almost nothing about electronics.

@syntacticsugarglider Should I first get the Student manual, Learning the Art of Electronics?

@xiroux i think it's fairly introductory at first? from what I remember (it's been a while since I've actively done EE stuff) it starts at a pretty first-principles place

@syntacticsugarglider Cool, thanks! The university library has a copy, so I will probably take a look myself πŸ‘€

@mpjgregoire I googled that expecting to see a self-help book about how to fight work-related stress xD

@xiroux Oh, it's much less stressful when you can apply a formula from a table in a book, rather than derive it from first principles and differential equations.

@xiroux Then you'll want some references from #SPTimoshenko :

*Strength of Materials* by #Timoshenko and Gere

*Theory of Plates and Shells* by Timoshenko and Woinowsky-Krieger

*Theory of Elastic Stability* by Timoshenko and Gere


@xiroux Manning Publications tends to have good titles for work related stuff:

@xiroux Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment. Still worthwhile after all these years.
@xiroux It's the best reference I know for things like the standard set of syscalls.

@xiroux I'm quite a fan of World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern, though that's more advocacy that our industry needs to change!

A Book Apart has some good ones too! So far I've bought from them "Sustainable Web Design" by Tom Greenwood, "Get Ready For CSS Grid Layout" by Rachel Andrew, & "Accessibility for Everyone" by Laura Kalbag.

@alcinnz I'm not sure whether World Wide Waste fits the work-related criteria my employer imposes, but it does look really really interesting. I'll take a look to the other ones, too, thank you!

@InsertUser Anything software related, probably. I'm a full-stack developer working with Go and React in Typescript, and the budget is for "work-related" books, as vague as it sounds.

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