This is so Merveilles it even hurts:
"A collection of ambient tracks, composed with Impulse Tracker, running on a Pentium 266 Mhz. Tracks use mostly samples from Casio SA21 and Yamaha Portasound PSS280. I also sampled a few patches from my Reface DX, and imported some data files from my DOS disk".

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@xiroux Had a quick listen then immediately purchased! Love it, thanks for the link 😀

@dajbelshaw Did you know him as illustrator? Because you should buy those, too 👀

@dajbelshaw It was his illustrator side that I knew. And I LOVE it. I have several of his books at home, they're so cool <3

@dajbelshaw I bought them all from Kickstarter. I don't know if you can get them now, honestly :/

@xiroux @dajbelshaw I think at least one person on Fedi has played the RPG Tales from the Loop, which is based on the world building you can imagine behind his paintings.

@clacke @dajbelshaw I've never played RPGs, but I could start with that one 🤔

@xiroux The Fedi person playing Tales from the Loop was @amaral…

I saw a picture at… that looks more boardgame than RPG, is that a different game or is it more RPG'y than it looks from just this picture?


@clacke @xiroux @dajbelshaw

Fria Ligan produced a Tales from the Loop themed board game. So, you're right, it's a different game.

@xiroux ooooh, didn’t know he was doing music too !

@0gust1 Me neither! I think I'll read his books with this in the background.

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