Do you know of any hosting provider that is (as) sustainable (as possible), preferably owned by the workers and reliable? Thanks, boosts ok :)

I got a ton of great information here. Trying now to process all that and make a decision on what to get. From the first quick read, Hostsharing ( looks amazing, but a bit pricier than the other ones (you also get to become a member of the cooperative, which the other solutions don't provide, as far as I know). There's also and (both from ungleich, which offer a very good price. Ugh, I don't know.

@xiroux I saw a similar thread a few months ago and saved this link from it:
Not sure who recommended it.

@csepp Thanks! They do look very interesting. And not expensive 🤔

@xiroux I've spent some time looking but never satisfied with an answer.

There is an online tool to check the environmentally sound practices of different hosting providers. Groups like Greenhost seem to be OK, but I don't like this platform for a few reasons, eg. it takes things like carbon offsetting into account:

In the end, I chose to go with a small art hosting organisation, because I support the small-web, slow-down ethos:

@ephemeral Thanks! It was a bit hard to get info on the web, what product did you get?

@xiroux When you become a member you get all the products together. It's great value vs. other hosting.

But bear in mind that it comes with some catches – eg. for web hosting you'd need a little knowledge of FTP or whatever content management system you'd like to use, and it's a small team so support can be slow. But on the flip side, you are funding an artist/hacker led server.

It's definitely not a choice I'd recommend to everyone, but if that sounds appealing then glad it helps.

@xiroux You could try Sandwich.Net, which is run solely by @jrenken and who also is the admin for my Masto instance.

@xiroux @aral I'd say but it seems they only have their website available in German. :/

@viennawriter @aral I'm finding a lot of them to only have their website in German. I'm using a lot of 🤢 Google 🤮 Translate today xDD

@letterus @xiroux @viennawriter

Both accounts are correct, but is more internal for our members that have an account on our Mastodon server

@letterus @xiroux @viennawriter

In fact Hostsharing is not only owned by the workers but by the customers as well. We provide hosting for ourselves. @letterus @viennawriter I like it! Is there an english site to learn more about it? Unfortunately, I don't speak German :(

@xiroux Unfortunately we don't have an English website. It's on our (long) todo list.

@hostsharing I'll try to use a translator, then. Thanks for the info!

@hostsharing From what I understood, the minimum price is 40€/month for 1vCPU/1GB RAM/25GB storage/250 GB data transfer. Is that right?

@xiroux Our Platform as a Service starts with 5 EUR for shared resources. If you need exclusive resources you can book a Managed Server. The features of our platform are listed here:

In many cases shared resources are enough as we use very new and powerful hardware. What do you want to do?

@hostsharing I just want a VM where I can selfhost my experiments. I don't need a lot of CPU nor RAM, the minimum would probably do. Is that possible with the shared resources?

@hostsharing I see that shared resources offer 25 SSH accesses a month, and that individual server services are 10€ each. Let's say that I want to host two telegram bots I use in a couple of Telegram groups I have with 10-15 friends. Would I need to pay an additional 20€ for that? If I have a single process that handles the two bots, would that be 10€? And would I be restricted to deploy/debug/update them through SSH 25 times a month? Sorry for all the questions, I don't trust the translator 😂

@xiroux You have shared cpu and memory on a fairly good stuffed vm in a webspace. If you have to run daemon processes that lock memory you have to pay the daemon fee of 10 EUR a month.

In a webspace you can have 25 users with full ssh. no limitation of ssh.

@alda Oh cool, Iceland! I'm hoping that "1984 has been dedicated to freedom of speech" is not a red flag...

@xiroux The free speech customers are generally something like NGOs with a good cause who can't host within their own country.

@pierreozoux What do you mean with applications? I want an Ubuntu/Alpine/Arch machine where I can host and manage everything myself.

@xiroux yeah, we offer free software as a service, like Nextcloud instance, fully managed.

But, yeah, if you want VMs, it is complicated to provide as a community service.
The competition in front is raging, and most of the people are looking for price. So this is difficult service to offer.

Ok, actually, there is one nice project out there :) It is not really a VM, but kinda ;)

@xiroux you may find this interesting:

From the website:
- they run on renewable energy
- pay as you want (min 5 eur)
- no subscription
- they don't collect data
- they have a mastodon handle

@xiroux FWIW Tiger Technologies has been around for over 20 years. They claim their hosting is carbon-neutral and clean (wind). I'm not sure about ownership, but support is provided by their own employees rather than outsourced.

@xiroux I can't speak to all of your questions but I use an OVH machine in their datacenter in Quebec that's 100% hydroelectric powered.

@xiroux My instance is hosted with Hetzner which has renewable energy certification. Not worker-owned so far as I can tell, though.

@ljwrites That does look good, indeed. Thanks for sharing! Btw, your new avatar is so cooool.

@xiroux I hope you find a hosting service that suits your needs! And thanks, I cropped it from purchased line art and used a different flower from the same set on the instance splash page too!

@xiroux Hi!
How do you measure those two aspects?
Do the lists in Wikipedia, EUCLIDIA and the European Alternatives have enough information for you?

Which country?

In the Netherlands, I just discovered, a non-profit provider focussing on good service for competent customers and privacy.

oh crap, just read that you asked about *hosting* providers, not IPs... just disregard me ...

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