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take over the world by loving your family, making your friends part of your family, and building a future with them

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hello friends and future friends ^^

I am xj9. I am a activist (or ). my first love was art, but I got lost along the way. I am a web tech consultant by day and a and networking researcher / dev by night. I love to read (sci) fi and manuals.

I would like to spend more time gardening and creating art. ideally I'd spend all of my time exploring nature with my partner in a converted school bus. backpacking together is an ok substitute for now 😊

Oh. Ans Forth has locals. So you do need compiler support.

I like how Tcl does it. Just `tailcall thing args` instead of `return [thing args]`, done. Explicit and neat.

9front's new Intel 8265 wifi driver works great -- now there are more options for 9front wifi in the Thinkpad X250.

alguém sabe de material sobre design (UI ou UX) de rede social?

quero estudar designs alternativos (sem a centralidade da timeline, por exemplo, sem likes, etc) ou estudar princípios gerais que me ajudem a pensar os efeitos de designs alternativos, mas sou leigo e tá difícil achar algo assim

agradeço dicas de livros, artigos, vídeos, o que for

boost da amizade por favorzinho? :pearl:

Honestly? Keeping in mind it's possible your discourse has been manipulated to make you angry at who you are discoursing with for unknown gains for an unknown third party is a good general practice to have.

Before going off on someone, ask who gains the most by it.

@schlink send:

tar cv files/* | pv | gpg -c | nc 12345

nc -vll 12345 | gpg -d | pv | tar xv

cute date ideas:
- going out for coffee
- ice skating
- fighting against american imperialism

humans need hugs and nice beer that was brought to share, not a means of exchange

Implemented @save/@load to the parade interactive fiction engine. You can save you little world, put it online, and anyone can visit it through `curl world.txt | parade`

oh fuck i probably lost the bot grans i had for my sunshinegardens account huh

if you like or retweet this ill give you 0.00001 10gran
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