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it doesn't need help going faster anyhow, that train has been speeding out of control for a while now.

what we need is radical.

what we need is revolutionary.

we need to love each other. shit is hitting the fan hard and only love is going to keep us together. we need strong, functional, extended family groups. doesn't have to be biological family, but we need those strong bonds. we need community and positive culture. we need to stop fighting each other and




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hello friends and future friends ^^

I am xj9. I am a activist (or ). my first love was art, but I got lost along the way. I am a web tech consultant by day and a and networking researcher / dev by night. I love to read (sci) fi and manuals.

I would like to spend more time gardening and creating art. ideally I'd spend all of my time exploring nature with my partner in a converted school bus. backpacking together is an ok substitute for now 😊

i have plex running again, this time inside of lxd. i'll be using this as a kind of load test tool while i'm getting the server stability issues worked out. running transcoding jobs and whatnot.

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alright, i have a couple more things to fix on the server stability-wise, but its coming along!

is something up with can't seem to reach it rn

cc @thegibson

yes I am using a web browser and I hate it

I have plans to replace thr web for most activites, but i'm just one servant and i'm up against a mega, their puppet, and this fucking Unix shit.

learning dis bytecode is actually more appealing than learning limbo

...there is something wrong with me

trying to create a debian container and i'm getting some fun error messages

not really sure how to fix (yet)

assistance is appreciated

k8s is easy! first, we shorten the name because nobody has time for that. next, we take 20 steps to set up the machine and execute a big shell script that does 100 other things to your system. now we're ready to get started. apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: nginx
spec: selector: matchLabels: app: nginx replicas: template: metadata: labels: app: nginx spec: containers - name: nginx image: nginx:stable ports: - containerPort: 80 apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ing

hopefully it doesn't fall over immediately. once i'm confident with stability, i'll get friend's account created!

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no vpn yet, but we're running the new network now!

eh i'm just going to write dis why the fuck not

friend-to-friend networking > peer-to-peer networking

> w3c and twitter fighting over federated social standards

meanwhile is quietly doing the thing, doesn't even need a social network protocol.

spiritually scheme
physically FORTH
literally cofesh

public domain inferno-like written in FORTH and cofesh

can't fix everything and take on the corpos at the same time

lets try to have something that isn't shit to start with, eh?

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