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it doesn't need help going faster anyhow, that train has been speeding out of control for a while now.

what we need is radical.

what we need is revolutionary.

we need to love each other. shit is hitting the fan hard and only love is going to keep us together. we need strong, functional, extended family groups. doesn't have to be biological family, but we need those strong bonds. we need community and positive culture. we need to stop fighting each other and




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take over the world by loving your family, making your friends part of your family, and building a future with them

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hello friends and future friends ^^

I am xj9. I am a activist (or ). my first love was art, but I got lost along the way. I am a web tech consultant by day and a and networking researcher / dev by night. I love to read (sci) fi and manuals.

I would like to spend more time gardening and creating art. ideally I'd spend all of my time exploring nature with my partner in a converted school bus. backpacking together is an ok substitute for now 😊

"Wait, all of life is ultimately an endless struggle against the self which is a mirror of the other, meaning that we are both the cause and solution to all suffering?"
"Always has been, always will be"

🌎 👩‍🚀🔫 :unicursal_white:

rlog has this concept of logbuffers which start and end with optional references to another buffer which hold a sequence of hash linked messages.

not sure how these fit in now...

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@allison @libc speaking of Oberon and Inferno

Oberon post if it hasn’t been seen:

Working on a Limbo (Inferno) vs Go polymorphism post, too :)

Limbo is such a strange and simple language

Updates to the Plan 9 archive!

Various Inferno historical versions (1-3e) now on GH:


Said Inferno versions also have hosted web mirrors on

Inferno 1e and 3e have manual pages hosted now on

Mirror of Andrey Mirtchovski's work:

I don’t wanna love you if won’t receive it
I don’t wanna save the world that way

I always end up revisiting old projects. I think I need to let go of the imposter syndrome I always seem to develop. If I feel inadequate about my ability to focus and complete a project, and I really shouldn’t, then neither should you! I would never hold my friends to the judgemental standard to which I hold myself, so why should I apply it to myself? Furthermore, why should you?

Take the whip off. If it’s fun, and you enjoy doing it, and you /feel/ like doing it, then do it! Don’t worry if your project lays incomplete for a good long while, you likely learned something awesome just by completing whatever you did!

you think i'm a lot? imagine being inside of my skull.

i don't want to be the center of the universe, i don't want to be part of that shame

RTL-SDR finally arrived! Took about two weeks from China which feels pretty good actually.

It's my first SDR purchase, would love to hear recommendations from anyone on activities, software, etc. I'm on Linux.

A spaceship landed and an alien emerged.
"We are sorry," it said, its words broadcast across the world.
"The last few years we have used your planet as a refueling stop. We depleted your reserves faster than you could regenerate them."
"Reserves of what?" sometime called.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

when you want to drink cofe but the cup is empty

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