the best thing you can do right now is to find your local leftist groups involved in base-building, roll up your sleeves, and start helping. find and join a tenants' union, a mutual aid network, a community defense group, an unhoused aid group. if there's isn't one, start one

these things can be hard to find, so maybe you can build a website with an index of leftist groups doing real work in each city in the US. figuring out what people need most is tricky so maybe you can go ask your poor neighbors if there's any way you can help them

"but that's not revolution!"

You can't meaningfully challenge the power of the state without first building power among the people. You do that by meeting people's needs today, and that help people learn to work together to meet each other's needs.


@nex3 >narrow visions of autonomy

helping your neighbors is the revolution that we need

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