>Subleq is both an instruction set and a programming language for a [OISC]. We describe a hardware implementation of an array of 28 one-instruction Subleq processors on a low-cost FPGA board. Our test results demonstrate that the computational power of our Subleq OISC multi-processor is comparable to that of a CPU of a modern personal computer.


>Cryptoleq: an abstract machine based on the concept of [OISC], capable of performing general-purpose computation on encrypted programs. The program operands are protected using the Paillier partially homomorphic cryptosystem, which supports addition on the encrypted domain. Full homomorphism over addition and multiplication, [...] is achieved by inventing a heuristically obfuscated software re-encryption module written using Cryptoleq instructions[.]


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between SUBLEQ and CRYPTOLEQ we have a similar OISC approach to computing on both trusted and untrusted hardware! possibly even with good performance on an FPGA!

i'm not sure exactly how complex FPGA silicon is, but i would imagine that an OISC computer would be a fairly simple machine at the component level.

the next question is, how does this extremely simple instruction set compare to something like GreenArrays? greenarraychips.com/home/docum

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