Just discovered that the Forum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) is the largest gathering of people in South America. It happens in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Something to check out.

Automatic transcription of voicemail from spam robocall on my US phone number makes no sense.

When you are presented with a survey, how often do you want to see the results before answering?

Je vois pas trop non plus quel méga-monopole historique ce genre de nouvelle approche est sensé "disrupter". On nage un peu en plein délire.

En plus, j'ai un peu l'impression que le genre d'utilisateurs de cet engin, c'est pas tellement le genre à avoir un smartphone et foutre sa carte de crédit dans une application lambda pour louer un brol à la minute. Mais je me trompe peut -être.

Ok, à Barcelone, on a les trottinettes électriques à la demande (au moins 3 startups sur le coup), les scooters électriques (ou non) à la demande, et maintenant on a aussi les voiturettes... Sérieux?

.social has another spam problem atm, but you can't report those accounts, because they don't post anything. They just follow other accounts. And use their bio to spread their message.

It makes me realize we can only report toots, not accounts. That's a problem, no?

EeePC with FreeDOS
"What makes this combination unique? And old, very slow netbook combined with an even older operating system. "

3min read at: bits.krzysztofjankowski.com/ee

#DOS #retro #FreeDOS

Many people know about ELIZA¹, the first chat-bot². But are you familiar with DIALECTOR? During the 80s, french new wave film director Chris Marker got really into his Apple-II and coded a mysterious and interesting bot. Some media archivists have cooked up an online version³ for your pleasure.

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA
2. psych.fullerton.edu/mbirnbaum/
3. dialector.poptronics.fr/

This is impressive, 62% of the surveyed on get their app from .
Which means, they probably get other apps as well from there.

I find this really encouraging. How can we get the other 37% to prefer a package manager that does not track you?


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