Happy 180 years, digital imaging!

> This portrait of Jacquard was woven in silk on a Jacquard loom and required 24,000 punched cards to create (1839). It was only produced to order. Charles Babbage owned one of these portraits; it inspired him in using perforated cards in his analytical engine.


I really like the default email app in but it misses a crucial feature. I can't seem to be able to share anything from any other app by email.

When I click "share a webpage" from or "share a link to a toot" from , it creates an empty mail, while I would expect an email with at least a url in the body of that email pointing to the thing I want to share.

Did I miss something? Is there an option to activate? Where is their issue tracker?

I wrote about my experience at Disneyland, and how my avoidance of proprietary software highlighted the inequities that are being designed into technology in all corners of our society.


currently testing neural-style on MX linux (great distribution running on a USB stick)
#python #linux #xfce #lightweight #machinelearning

Hello, World!

That's the entire source code you need for an HTML document that displays hello world. Thirteen bytes. It works in all web browsers since the beginning of time.

Doing this with a modern website building library will run you into the megabytes range.

Are modern website building libraries worth increasing your overhead by tens of thousands of times? Is writing 300 lines of code ten thousand times easier than writing one?

Shader Editor (Create and edit GLSL shaders) - f-droid.org/app/de.markusfisch

Lovely app to practice your skills while travelling. It also exports as an live wallpaper.


Je propose à l'Académie Française — oui, je me permets, j'ai le droit — de traduire "blockchain" en la bloc-chaîne, comme on dit déjà bloc-notes d'ailleurs.

#blackfriday is basically western societies ddos'ing themselves at both human and infrastructural level for fun and profit.

engaging in my annual tradition of deleting every email that has "Black Friday" in the subject line

Bought new headphones,, and the app asked me to tkae a pic of my ears lol

Online advertising is out of control. Being tracked across all the sites we visit shouldn't be a requirement to use the web. Thanks Firefox & please write about this too, so we can hear the other side vs all these "this is fine 🔥" articles.

"Firefox browser will block the IAB’s DigiTrust universal ID"

Duetta is an tandem , with practically the same size, weight, and cost of a standard bicycle. wikifactory.com/@sentidosdi/du

Published under CC-by-sa

If you train self-driving cars by getting people to identify driving hazards to prove they're human, then eventually cars will be able to log into all of our websites by themselves.

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