On the internet, no one knows you're a Raspberry Pi

So Venezuelans apparently massively joining .social after several government figures got banned on twitter.

Maduro the first head of state on the fediverse?

Ok, finally mounted again for the 3rd time this i3. This printer has followed me around for the past 5 years. And I'm still amazed how well it works.

L'économie du Troc, argument qui sert à Adam Smith pour justifier l'invention de la monnaie et de l'économie de marché, était un mensonge. Aucun anthropologue n'a jamais vu d'économie basée sur le troc.


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A nice summary of Microsoft and Bill Gates abusive business practices, for those too young to remember: jacobinmag.com/2020/04/bill-ga

How Ruined the Internet - Slashdot

"Google has become a card catalog that is constantly being reordered by an angry, misinformed mob."

My contribution to #hyperjam will be to share some ancient content for inspiration. Jaime Levy had a #HyperCard and MacroMind (yes!) Director magazine on floppy called Cyber Rag. Here are some pics!

The important part of awoo hashtags is to use a random number of os at the end, post, and then click that link to see who your awoo-friends are.

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This took me exactly 10 years to release, but as this was made in total isolation and despair during a recession, the haunting sounds of this album seem as though they had to be kept locked away until this very moment: plummerfernandez.bandcamp.com/

MERCI Mastodon. Et un colossal merci à ceux qui se bougent le cul pour palier la destruction du système de santé.

Ce matin je refile le lien covid3d.fr/ (que j'ai vu passer ici) à ma compagne infirmière pour commander une visière.
Cet après-midi, un mec lui livre 3 visières imprimées 3D, pour elle et ses collègues.
Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer ce que ça représente pour elles. De pouvoir bosser dans des conditions un peu moins dangereuses pour elles-mêmes et leurs patients âgés.

So, as soon as a government announce they consider using mobile phone geolocation data to track infection.. we launch massive campaigns about *leaving the phone at home*, right?

Fighting surveillance with a gesture that is not only political, but also sanitary (devices get full of shit and you touch them after touching objects and before washing hands) and of self-care (better mental state without constant buzzing/attention-seeking)


#Covid19 #Coronavirus #Surveillance

My mother-in-law just called my phone to wish eldest child happy birthday. I hand him my phone at he looks at it in complete confusion. I have to explain it’s a regular phone call, not a video call, and he had to put it up to his ear to hear her. He still looks super confused so I switch it to speaker phone.

Youngest child spends the entire call insisting we’re doing it wrong because he can’t see Nana’s face.

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