Not being able to travel has certainly helped me appreciate the beauty right here even more. 💕 🌲 Got out for a nice walk today in Foothills Park.

It's quite ironic that the whole privacy policy debacle, with users fleeing the app by millions, is mostly fueled by clickbait news articles and disinformation spread through social media.

"The pill was too big to swallow at once. We're planning to break it down and dilute it in water over the next few months"

J'ai acheté un ananas je vais pouvoir faire des pizzas demain \o/.

@xuv @delta best instant messaging i've used: reliable, simple, encrypted + backup in my email box!

For those who are looking for a chat system these days to move away from and think is still too centralized. I recommend over based approaches.

The advantages of Deltachat are that everyone has already an account (their email address). And encryption (privacy) wize, it's probably equivalent to xmpp .

What's exactly the purpose of e-mail autoreplies that tell you "I'm teleworking and remain reachable by mail"? 🤔

Just deleted my account on . After months of work, convincing family members and friends to move to , it finally pays off. December really helped me get over the fence when, out of the blue, ~30 of my contacts decided to install Signal.

Good luck to all in the same process at the moment. It's hard to tell how long these things can take. But if you keep the goal in sight, you'll get there.

(Screenshot of Whatsapp telling me the account can't be deleted. Second time, it worked.)

And then people ask me why I use Signal and not WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Well, here is your answer.
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Late last year, Apple enforced App Store 'privacy labels'. For the first time, it's easy to compare how much data an app links to your account

Looking at messaging apps, the contrast is quite stark

#EsticAlFedivers perquè crec que el programari lliure i auto-allotjat és una eina molt potent per empoderar i enfortir comunitats i persones. A més a més, hi trobo contingut rellevant per a mi.

#EstoyEnElFediverso porque creo que el software libre y auto-alojado es una herramienta muy potente para empoderar y fortalecer comunidades y personas. Además, encuentro contenido relevante para mí.

Any copyright lawyer around? Can a license be limited in time?

Here is an example of a license mention in a documentary. Says the CC-By-NC-ND 3.0 license is valid until january 2021.

For the catalan speakers, in your opinion, does it include January or not?


From a home timeline on , it takes 9 clicks, and entering the user password, to trigger an account deletion. Facebook asks you to confirm 4 times that you want to delete the account.

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My wife is in the process of deleting her account. So, she downloaded an archive of all her activity there.

The scariest part is the "ads_and_businesses" folder. It contains all the businesses that uploaded data about her on FB. A list of all the websites visited, outside of Facebook, and when they were last visited.

Lastly, a list of all the ads she clicked on. Funny thing, she doesn't remember clicking any of those. But I can see why she might have ;)


UK residents with an .eu domain name have to hand it over or register it with a european address.

The thing with running at home is, when you're updating the thing, everyone in the house is complaining that the Internet is down. Any good strategy to avoid this? Update when everyone's asleep?

"Modern-day sushi is often synonymous with raw fish. But the type of sushi that we know and love today is actually a relatively recent invention, only emerging in the early half of the 20th century. Sushi itself, however, has been around for centuries. The word sushi is derived from the Japanese word for sour, and its earliest form—narezushi—is pickled for months or even years."

#Food #Japan #Sushi

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