Three years ago, my 13-year-old brother died tragically. After reflections and introspection my father and my mother-in-law wrote a book:

I am not particularly objective but the reading is poignant.

The book intersects between the event and a collection of souvenirs. A heritage. But also on a guide on how to live with people struck by grief.

Making the #Bcon19 booklet program in, still my favorite vector graphics software ♥

#b3d #inkscape #opensource

— Pour gagner son indépendance, le concepteur ne doit plus être rémunéré proportionnellement au budget total du projet. Un tel mode de rémunération encourage une classe de professionnels payés en fonction de la quantité de CO2 qu'ils contribuent à faire libérer dans l'atmosphère. — #rotor

[airplane annoucement] "Smoking is forbidden. Both traditional and electronic."

Traditional? Why not analogue? Analogue smoking sounds better right?


D'ailleurs j'ai réalisé que dans NextCloud on peut utiliser l'application "Text" qui remplace avantageusement EtherPad (petit éditeur en texte riche).

On peut bien sûr partager le document par simple URL, en autorisant ou non l'édition de personnes tierces 👍

Ah oui, et le drag-n-drop d'images directement dans l'éditeur fonctionne ! \o/

(en prime, derrière ça génère du MarkDown)

Just experienced the new "follower transfer" feature of , from the follower point of view, and it's awesome.

I did not have to do anything and then just saw a message in my timeline that said "hey, this is my new account, etc." from someone I like to follow.

A game changer for the .

One thing that person noted though is that it does not automatically transfer the list of accounts one follows. Any reason for that?

@Gargron @Thib

Love to switch back and forth between:
- our internal github instance, where all usernames are corporate-workplace-appropriate FirstnameLastname
- our repos on, where all the account handles are like Tak, CoderGurl512, 13370n3, ...

When people use the term snowflake unironically, just remember they're quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society and become radicalized. and that Tyler Durden isnt the hero but a personification of the main character's deep insecurities, and that his snowflake speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

Finally, someone has figured out how to do this.
Much better approach than those pesky skimmers.

"Malware That Spits Cash Out of ATMs Has Spread Across the World"

merriam-webster has a site where you can find out what words were first used in print the same year you were born and (link here: )

Linux Desktop Report, day 1: elementary is pretty great.

NYC folks: if you'd like a free ticket to my day long workshop this Friday about, essentially, how to run a great Mastodon instance for your community, I have discount codes!

It's based on my guide but it uses the guide as a jumping off point and I get into some of the nitty gritty, including things like "how to stay on top of Mastodon releases and keep your community informed of new features if you don't know anything about programming"

All the #Meetup hate is justified..

Yet, I have didn’t see anyone talking about alternatives, whereas @Framasoft is literally building a free and open source alternative as we speak and they deserve every piece of attention and support for it possible.

Go ahead and take a look: #mobilizon

PS: And put your money where your mouth is

Oh shoot. Just realized that one of my bot stopped publishing 4 months ago. And I don't have time now to reboot it. Hmmm.

Merci @nitot pour le partage de cet article:

"Notre modèle économique est dans l'impasse, il faut le changer" (Jacques Crahay, Union Wallone des Entreprises) | L'Echo

Quand Jacques Crahay parle de la transformation de , quelqu'un sait de quoi il parle?

DashboardFE (or #DashFE) is a third party webclient/frontend for pleroma/mastodon which design heavily inspires on the tumblr user dashboard interface. Currently in a WIP stage, it is being worked on a daily basis, but it's usable and you can give it a test drive in the following url

We're open to any and all user reports and suggestions, though we don't have yet a git developer page, we're always monitoring this account, so feel free to message us any time.

Follow this account to be notified when we post news and development progress on the project.
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