“Male infants walk earlier, but do so after greater motor encouragement; female infants talk earlier, but are usually spoken to more. Men tend to outperform women on ‘mental rotation’ tasks, that is, when visualising the way an object would appear from a different vantage point. But the difference isn’t observed in young children and is more reliably correlated with time spent playing computer games: it’s less a question of neuroanatomy than of who has a Nintendo”

The days are getting shorter, and so is the time that we can spend on the computer, due to our batteries depleting earlier a bit each day. 🌻

What's a good calendar app for Android? I'm looking for something that can do CalDAV.

OneCalendar looked good, until it rejected my Let's Encrypt TLS certs and only made it usable by disabling certificate verification (not going to do that).

We will be live in 15 minutes (starting at 18:00 CEST), tune in at https://stream.vvvvvvaria.org/ for a conversation with OSP around their #web-to-print work arounds, hacks and dreams.

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✨ Tada ! 🎉

Mon webcomic « Contra Chrome » vient de sortir en version française :

️👉 https://contrachrome.com

Sous-titre : Comment le navigateur de #Google devint une menace pour la vie privée et la #démocratie.

Avec à l'affiche, Shoshana Zuboff, des piranhas végans, et tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur #Chrome sans jamais oser le demander !

À lire et télécharger gratuitement — j'espère que vous aimerez ! ☺️

Et s'il vous a plu, partagez-le autour de vous ! :boost_ok:


You know how the Eiffel Tower won the Grand Prize at the 1889 World Fair? Well, it had to share the glory with a book.

Not any book: A book ENTIRELY WOVEN IN SILK.

You heard right. And nerds, get this: All pages of this book were produced on the Jacquard loom in 1889, using thousands (200k-500k) of punch cards. Only 50-60 copies were made. >

Nice view of Melbourne today from the Shrine of Remembrance

It's quite cute the way spanish people say the name of the band Blur.

Fedi masto 

I'm sure some people have already thought about this, but it just occured to me that there is a somewhat lock-in mechanism with software like for all the features that it offers and that are not part of the protocol. I'm thinking of the "transfer your followers" feature, for example. Any plans anyone knows to prevent this and allow more interoperability?

Adopté ! La page Geeks anciens sur Facebook va fermer et continuera à exister ici, sur Mastodon. Voici le message que j'ai posté sur la page Facebook. Fediverse, me voici !
#fediverse #facebook #mastodon

Quand les Black Panthers filmaient la révolution congolaise | Matt Swagler

Rant music journalist 

It's 2022 and some journo still finds incredible that a 20 yo kid who started publishing their first song online 2 years ago created a worldwide hit without releasing an album.

Dude, where were you the last 15 years? Have you been offline or something?

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