Man logs into video conference after one of the participants posts enough of the login information online.

The response of the compromised parties?

“Such a breach is illegal and will be reported to the authorities.”

On est clairement de moins en moins en démocratie :
"Dès 8 h du mat. (45mm avant son arrivée), les représentants du personnel ont été escortés jusqu'à leurs locaux syndicaux où ils ont été retenus pendant 2h par des policiers des Renseignements Territoriaux et un agent du service de sécurité de Matignon."

Vous connaissez la fable de la grenouille plongée dans une casserole d'eau froide dont on élève graduellement la température ?

Dogs play the game where you don't let the balloon touch the ground. On a beach. I watched at least a dozen loops already and I'm not even close to done

I typed "Deepfake" in a deepfake text to image generator, it returned a Malevitch painting.

A piece of is about to stop. I'm amazed it's still going. But Scott Draves, creator of "Electric sheep", can't maintain the project anymore. After 21 years, he is willing to pass it on to someone else, or shut it down.

If you think you can help, contact

(PS: it's not about the money, it's about time and management. Scott does not have the time to maintain it anymore.)

I'm excited to share my #apconf2020 talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the #Fediverse, a #decentralized social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie, @catgirl, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.

(Hosted on a #peertube instance,!)

, c'est plein de vieilles et vieux Ou alors, certain.e.s on été biberonné.e.s au *nix très très tôt.

A pretty well documented guide for new joiners.

Well documented and short enough. Seems to cover most questions a new joiner might have, I think.

Thanks to this post shared by @moritzheiber I've now reverted that decision. And you should probably do to.

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The MD5 checksum of 1 TiB of zeroes is e9f4a46687feb63c819abff3935ea5d4.

FLOSS quality and UX 

I think the discourse around the UX and quality of FLOSS sometimes misses something important. Software is not a free market of individual choice. Most of us are not making choices about the software we use. In the vast majority of cases, the choices are either being made for us or we are being strongly coerced in various ways. While improving FLOSS UX is important, improving UX won't generally move the needle on whether an end user will "choose" it. Other factors dominate.

This week, we lost a precious friend and an amazing artist.
She introduced me to a lot of music, we shared laughs, and she has also been such a supportive person.

People like Victoria are rare and valuable. We should all strive to enrich people's lives in the same way.

Don't send condolences, just keep her voice and music vibrating through the air

Ok. Managed to build 2.82 so far by changing just 3 lines in the build scripts. So I’m pretty happy about that. And Blender devs have really made this easy. 🙏

2.90 seems a no go due to CMake version not being the correct one for some of the dependencies.

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