People who fail to submit to the will of the Facebook Corporation are, effectively, not allowed to participate in mainstream society:

"In pre-Christian times each Tongan clan had a spirit animal, and a clan member brought bad luck upon himself by killing and eating his clan animal.

This was called "tabu" among Tongans. It was once so ingrained in the culture that missionaries used the phrase in reference to social transgression and it became the etymological root for the English "taboo."

Some Tongans still observe taboos on their clan animals."

Remember how Apple and Google immediately jumped on the opportunity to collaborate on contact tracing features that nobody uses?

Je suis tombé par hasard sur "Robopoïèses" de André Ourednik à la librairie qui vient juste d'ouvrir à deux pas de chez moi.

J'ai commencé à lire quelques pages, et c'est délicieux. Je conseille.

We are coming out of pandemic retreats Real Soon Now (tm), bringing lots and lots of good release news ... meanwhile please all stay well and don't forget to retreat from all the digital things and enjoy the outsides :)

I have a cousin who works in the Special Effects industry, on those blockbuster movies. And recently, he started playing around with and posting his experiments on Instagram. And It's really interesting to see how he approaches this.

thinking about the subset of users now forever trapped in an endless webinar

Riseup is deprecating its service.

"This year we are deprecating a few services. The ones that will
be going away are xmpp [...] We are doing this because our labor resources are limited, we must prioritize services that are actively used by the largest number of users. [...] These services are used by a very few number of people, most have migrated to other chat software (eg. Matrix, Signal, DeltaChat) [...]"

hey everyone what's your favourite letter

I was never really big on the idea of internet nationalism - identity or access to services based strongly on geographical location. I'm old skool enough that I always thought of the internet as transnational, and that being a large part of its appeal. Transgressing the limits of contained border thinking.

There are obvious exceptions, like municipalism, local community networks and the like. But even if you're in a local mesh it should still be possible to connect those globally via VPNs. The global village.

For a while the global nature of the internet backfooted existing power structures, but especially in the last decade they've been catching up and re-asserting their borders. Their borders aren't my borders though. They're arbitrary and designed for the purpose of maintaining power structures, so that resources keep flowing into a few wealthy dynasties.
Une ressource simple et de bon sens en termes de mise en page #web et #ux, sans dogmatisme ni ton de geek. Rien de renversant, mais des nuances et une structure super lisible.
Intéressant de lire ça à propos de l' #écran pour réfléchir à la traduction vers le #papier et les différences.

Dans le détail :
- Les questions d'interlignage, avec nuances bienvenues
- Algorithm of design
- On calme le jeu avec la grille
- Le détail des hints pour les formulaires
- Débrouiller les inputs de date et heure
- Et bien sur j'adore le fait qu'ils discréditent la grille de ligne de base

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