Hello Merveille.Town. I'm really happy to join you. I'm in the process of moving from @xuv. Once I'm all set in, I'll be properly doing an introduction. In the meantime, looking forward to read you.

@xuv @xuv oh ! Congrats, a good decision.
I'm thinking of it too (3/4 of my preferred profiles are now on it ^^)

@xuv Ah, so you are off to a new instance with a subtle change in the xuv avatar. :) Was it only the spam problem on, or did you simply want to experience the swapping to another instance or is the instance a better match to your interests?
I suppose it doesn’t have any consequences for your followers except that they have to refollow you?

@hansup Actually, it's for all these reasons. I was thinking since a while to move to a smaller community than m.s. But the spam from this week precipitated it. And the description of was really inviting. Also, they have a dark theme. So that's appealing too. I'll see what happens with the followers. I guess the active ones will follow.

@xuv I see. Still, what a great thing this fediverse! If you let us, we can simply keep following you wherever you go! In the old days we would have to create another account on a strange platform...

@hansup Yeah. It's great to be able to change environment a little, while staying connected. Once people will embrace this change of perspective of the , it will truly explode. In a good sense.

@xuv Congrats on the move, I haven't had the patience to do this yet, I'd like to move to post.lurk but I've been teased by a potential migration feature in the future so maybe I'll just quitely wait.

@colm Oh, there is a migration feature in the works? And I also hesitated with post.lurk. There are too many good instances. :)

@th Je me suis inscrit sur m.s en Avril 2017, quand un gros mouvement de transhumance a débuté depuis Twitter vers Mastodon. Il n'y avait pas bcp de choix à l'époque. Depuis, les choses ont changé et j'ai cherché à rejoindre une instance de taille humaine. M.s, selon moi, est devenu trop gros et souffre de problèmes liés à sa taille. Finalement, mon choix s'est porté sur Merveilles parce que les gens et la culture qui l'habite m'y ont attiré. :)

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