I just published a script for people that just moved from one instance to another.

The script will send a private message to all your followers informing them of the move.

Your followers will appreciate the notification.

Use wisely.

@xuv Was looking for pretty much this script :D 👍🏻

Thanks for publishing!

@sheogorath Let me know if that works for you. Could probably be simplified or cleaned up a little. I crafted this as fast I could to help myself. But then I was suggested to share it. :)

@xuv The most surprising part to me is the need of MongoDB :D But hey, why not ^^

@sheogorath Yeah. I know. :) I might have other plans with that database later on. I wanted to remove this part to just store info in a text file. But I was lazy. :)

@xuv Works awesome. Had to fix the commented line (as you did as well) but otherwise 👍

One should might mention that it doesn't work with 2FA enabled.

@xuv someone else has one too. But I dunno where it is

@xuv Does this check whether or not the recipient already follows you at NEW?

@gaeel yes, it does. ( trying to avoid unecessary messaging :) )

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