The US Webdesign Service has published an called Public Sans.

If you are into weird discussions around Open Font licensing, check the issue list of the project.

@xuv mmm ... this gives some new standard to "bike-shedding" in the field of licencing... maybe we can rename this to public-sans-ing ? x)

@Olm_e I disagree, there is no such thing as bike shedding in this context. It's a pretty normal legal argument.

@xuv well .. ok ... (up to some nth degree of reality ;) ) as actually you can't avoid this, but from a external pov : all for what seems to be a public licence in the end ... (or the beginning I don't know)
copyright is flawed from the start as demonstrated here, and I think this is what we need to requestion, in term of building commons.
this is also what leads us into art17 and robocopyright, etc ...

so yes, public domain for public-sans, "what else"(tm) ? 8)

@xuv I'm making the only a-legal argument possible ...
(damn binary logic ... )

@xuv Haha — yes, I stumbled into that bizarro patch this morning. Fascinating. Wonder if it's always what you get when you blend design and US politics.

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