On a train. Wanted to read my RSS feed, but my domain certificate had expired. to the rescue. SSH access the server. Update Certbot. Renew certificate.
I'm still amazed this could be done on the move, with just a small touch device.

@xuv I recommend you take a look at Caddy, which automatically renews certificates for you.. if you need a Docker image, I maintain moritzheiber/caddy :)

@moritzheiber Thanks. I'll check it out. I do have automatic renewals with Certbot. The problem was I did not have automatic update of Certbot. :) And the version I had was unsupported :)

@xuv yeah, with Caddy it’s really just start and never worry about anything anymore

@moritzheiber @xuv Caddy is a commercial project (open source and free, though), can't recommend it because you never know what to expect from them. They can always try to introduce telemetry, move some functionality to proprietary module etc.

Apache has built-in ACME support now, see

@wire @xuv Honestly, Apache is an age old project and has way too many use cases and configuration issues for me to even give it a glimpse .. starting Caddy with a single binary and a single configuration file and just keeping it running is a lot less overhead for me .. YMMV obviously

@thelovebug I just using it for ssh access to other machines. If you have suggestions on what to do with it beyond that, I'm curious.

I have been known to code using it, as both git and python are supported. Stuff like weechat, vi, nano, curl, etc.

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