I'm quite happy to see that my personal website still works in the first browser I ever used.

Thanks to the repackage of Mosaic in Snaps

/ht @ted

@xuv @ted not so lucky with @polymorphcool website... an idea on how to fix?
by the way, there is another great browser: lynx > (same issue by the way)

@frankiezafe There area few weird things I'd like to get rid on Lynx though.

@xuv provoking a permission access error? seems odd...

@frankiezafe Well. It's an old browser. Doesn't recognizes JS. Maybe throws a permission error when it can't read JS. Don't know.

@frankiezafe @xuv @polymorphcool I'm not sure specifically of those sites, but I've heard that many sites no require newer versions of TLS that the older browsers didn't support. So that breaks them. Might be your problem.

@xuv @ted any way to get Mac OSX Leopard's Safari emulated? That's the first browser I ever used iirc

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