Free wifi in French speed trains is so great. Only one trouble, it's limited in total data you can use per hour. I don't know how much it is but I usually go through it in about half hour. And I'm mostly just browsing and answering emails. I'm not even watching videos.

Cool thing I found out though, it's a quota per device. Hmmm.

Change Mac Adress and voilà.

@xuv Mmmmh...
I don't remember having to change my Mac address... I always just reconnected to the Wifi, and it always worked 🤔

@Xipiryon Ha. I should just try that. I went really complicated way first then. :)

@xuv I think this works in a lot of European trains - there is a chipset used to provide the wifi which is also used for SCADA type telemetry data exchange between train components (in a similar way to how 433 MHz is used in cars for tyre sensors), and lots of different countries trains use the same equipment (I'm sure I've seen German train passengers mentioning the same trick)

@vfrmedia @xuv It's usually a bit of a moot point in German trains because unless you're either sitting in a station/city for a good while or going very long distances the speed just isn't enough to hit the data caps due to the terrible mobile data coverage in non-city areas
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