This is impressive, 62% of the surveyed on get their app from .
Which means, they probably get other apps as well from there.

I find this really encouraging. How can we get the other 37% to prefer a package manager that does not track you?

@xuv the other 37% probably have iPhones. Need to get them all to Jailbreak and then get someone to release Mast on Silo or Cydia

@xuv hey, other 37% user here. Basically nothing you can do because I don't care that much.

@xuv Need a way to get the benefits of tracking.

Last I checked, #fdroid downloaded entire package lists, as opposed to Google Play just getting notifications of updates to apps I care about... Big difference in update notification times and data usage.

@xuv Thanks for prompting me to do the same and reinstall Tusky off F-Droid ;)

@xuv there is one problem I haven't thought through yet: when I'm using Play and have "allow third party apps" turned off there is no way I can be tricked into installing some random apk.
Whereas to use f-droid I have to allow apks, right?

@guntbert good question. I think you have to "allow apk" to install F-droid itself. But after that, you can turn it off and use F-droid as you would use Play. But we need to verify that.

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