Ok, in order to help me learn Spanish, I switched the system language on my phone. It helps me get familiar with some technical words I only know in English and I figured I know enough of how a phone works to guess the ones I don't know in Spanish.

One thing though, you shld NEVER translate the name of an application. There is this app in , called "Barcode Scanner". Great App btw. It took me 3 days to find it in the repo because it's been translated to "Escáner de codigo de barras".



On top of that, after installation on the phone, the app is called with it's original name, "Barcode Scanner" and if you search local apps called "Escáner de codigo de barras", nothing comes up.

Not user friendly, whether you know Spanish or wants to learn it.

@xuv As an upside, you're going to scan the shit out of those codigos de barras now, and all in Spanish!

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