I've been having a *lot* of trouble finding a position on the RMS situation.

On one hand, I'm embarassed as a privileged person for having disregarded my friends' comments on his unacceptable behaviours, preferring my much more comfortable view of RMS as a weird hero. I believe the complaints and think they should be acted upon.

On the other hand, I'm very wary of the calls for ostracism. I really don't think banishment is the right way to deal with problems in any community. I also think the original denouncing blog post clearly went through specific efforts to associate Stallman with much worse behaviours than it's fair to charge him with.

I don't enjoy public ranting, but I'm still having issues on where to stand. I'd love some help thinking this through.


@xuv Thank you for this. Still processing but agree with the sentiment, the "founder-loyalty" angle really did it for me. Thanks again, you're always on point.

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