First, they come to .social and claim their twitter username.

Then, they discover federation, instance politics and what administration means.

Finally, they move to a smaller community that better resembles them and aligns with their aspirations.

The 3 stages of happiness.

@xuv as the mayor of I can confirm that as superior mutants around the world have discovered that the Church of the SubGenius is in the fediverse they have gravitated to our orbit. All this is natural and as it should be. Others have begun to climb the mountain that is and thereby know the blessings of Slack as administered by our founder J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.

@xuv exactly what happened for me. Less politics, and more that I didn't want to be a part of getting saturated 😬

@xuv this would be the optimum, but sometimes i thinks this happens less than expected
@xuv i skipped straight to pleroma and self hosted after less than a year

@xuv Noticed that ‘trend’ also. Not ashamed to admit that I still linger on in stage one. And moderately happy. Fediverse as a whole resembles me most, I guess. 😉

@hansup Haha. I think you are way beyond stage 1. Probably even passed stage 2. And as you said, you're feel good where you are, which is what matters.

@DesCoutinho Good. And welcome to the Fediverse. There is no rush. Take your time to explore. Ask around. See where people are. What type of instances exist. How federation works. is great.

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