Fun fact, you now need an Xbox Live account to play Solitaire and FreeCell on Win10.

@xuv not sure if it's the same version but the only Solitaire I have preinstalled here says:

@xuv (also, my god it looks ugly, where's the 8bits elegance of the old one)

@yhancik @xuv Esti, c'est incroyable comment qui sont mauvait Microsoft. On dirait qui sont pris dans l'ere des gradients du web2.0.

@yhancik @xuv le outline du bouton menu. Rarement vu un truc aussi laid. On dirait les clone games UI sur le app store.

@xuv (admittedly i don't have the latest Win10 build)

@yhancik Ouais. Tu peux jouer en "guest", mais si tu veux toutes les "features", faut un compte Xbox Live.

@yhancik par "features", j'entends: changer de niveau de jeu, sauvegarde de la progression, etce

@xuv they released windows solitaire on iphone and I downloaded it and its pretty good port tbh

@xuv Ridiculous, thankfully I can play on Debian or any Linux with no such restrictions.

But that is MS for you.

@0xxg4 Please, don't do this. This gives a very bad image of Linux users. If every time someone points out a difficulty with Windows, someone comes and says "switch to Linux", it's extremely frustrating, unproductive and damaging to the Linux community.

Pointing me to a multi-platform open source version of Solitaire or Freecell would be the useful answer in this case.

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