landed in a scientific paper (and not the one written by @M_PF ;) )

"Not Every Remix is an Innovation: A Network Perspective on the 3D-Printing Community"

"As shown in Figure 4, there is
a substantial difference between the users who remixed most (e.g.
’shivinteger’ with 4,485 remixes) versus a user such as ’wstein’ who
engage in very little remixing but whose designs got remixed about
37,092 times"


"Thingiverse’s most prominent bot is ’shivinteger’, with 4,485 remixes (some 0.9% of all network connections), leading the list of the most prolifc remixers. Unlike some of his Twitter counter-parts, shivinteger’s purpose is not to manipulate the 3d printing community, but to produce media art."

cc: @M_PF

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