Cloudflare is partly down and people call this "Internet outage".

Either the Internet is dead or people just don't understand what Internet is.

@xuv RTBF : correctly talk about an "acces provider" and name it
but at the end of the article : [tr] "
For those that would have problems following Auvio from their tablet, it seems the image pass easier on a smartphone, or straightforward on a PC"
Oo ;D
yes ... both ....

@xuv Level3/CenturyLink, the largest network on the planet, took down routing across pretty much the entire Internet. AS3356 became a traffic blackhole that pretty much nothing could escape, breaking connectivity across the globe.

Cloudflare was just a symptom. For people who understand what "the Internet is", it actually illustrates just how fragile BGP is, and also how dangerous it is for one network to have so much influence.

@xuv no its not just cloudflare, BGP fuckery like this can definitely be called a (partial) internet outage.
yes, fuck cloudflare, they partly amplify the problem, but due to BGP's unauthenticated nature this would very much still happen without them.

Or cloudflare is so integrated that it is a big part of internet.

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