Currently running the marathon of getting all* my contacts to switch to . I started this a few months ago already. And it feels I might finish that race at the beginning of 2021.

*all = Close friends and family. People with whom it's our only channel.

Most people are ready to jump to a no trace, no surveillance, chat system. Some just need a little push. Network effects help.

@xuv Wow, that must be hard. Could you share how you managed to do it?

@xiroux @redhawk As said in my initial message, it's a marathon. It takes a while. Does not work for everyone.

The main argument I gave is Signal is my prefered choice for communication. I do not go into cryptography. I also say it has exactly the same features as WA, Telegram or Messenger. The difference is how it is financed and collects data. For the techies, I say Ed Snowden supports it.

I also don't try to get people to abandon WA. I just tell them I'll be abandoning WA.

@xiroux @redhawk One more thing. I've been using Signal for years, mostly with 3 or 4 people max. But consistently. Then lately, I think people have been more open to alternatives and more conscious about data abuse by large corp. So, just talking about how I use Signal is helping convincing people to try it.

I also found that convincing an existing group on Whatsapp to switch to Signal is really hard. It's much easier to get people on Signal when starting a new group.

@xuv @xiroux @redhawk interesting! i abandonded whatsapp during almost a year and almost nobody followed to contact me over signal :sadlinux:
but lately i'm feeling ready to try again

@xiroux @chirrolafupa @redhawk I'd say the critical point is to be patient. I've been using Signal/TextSecure since 9 years. And it's only in the last years that I've seen it picking up.

Any person you convince to start chatting with you on Signal is a victory. Be happy with just one more person in your contact list. The best ones, of course, are the ones with whom you chat very often. The're is a higher chance they'll stay.

@xuv @xiroux @chirrolafupa just now I managed to bring a friend to install #Signal
yes we can do this

Hi, @xuv I asked my friends & family to use #Signal too, but it didn't work. Any tips? 🙏

@xuv The "no trace, no surveillance" is not provable, and you still rely on a single U.S. corporation for your communication now. There's hardly a change between WhatsApp and Signal.

They also started pushing display names on everyone, and sync between mobile and desktop is still abysmal. Not even mentioning the missing true multi-device support.

@raucao which mobile chat solution are you recommending that functions with a diverse (in terms of tech knowledge) group of users?

@xuv Stay with WhatsApp until we finally have a decent iOS solution for XMPP. Use Signal and XMPP now with the more tech-y people. And just don't pretend that Signal is much better than WhatsApp only to then have to tell people again in a few years that Signal suffers from basically the same centralization and trust issues as WhatsApp.

@raucao I disagree. There is a a giant leap between Facebook and a small Foundation like Signal. Signal, as a product, is not perfect, all that is well documented, but it's the least problematic at the moment compared to similar apps.

I'm in search of a current solution that works for family and friends. And will not prevent them from using it because something else should some day be better, once another giant tech company starts to be nice to its users.

@xuv You're ignoring all of technical, legal, and organizational facts there. And it doesn't work well to begin with.

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