The thing with running at home is, when you're updating the thing, everyone in the house is complaining that the Internet is down. Any good strategy to avoid this? Update when everyone's asleep?

@xuv I would recommend to configure your routers DNS as secondary DNS on all machines. Of course that means during the downtime, that people are seeing ads, but maybe that's fine.

Alternative: Get a second Raspberry Pi, upgrade one, clone the SD-Card after each update and do 0-downtime upgrades :D

@sheogorath Oooh. Thanks for the tip for the secondary DNS. Makes sense. :)

@xuv Update when the internet is down for totally unrelated reasons!

@xuv Aha; I see what the problem is. You're supposed to download updates, then let them sit idly on the hard drive for a few months before you get around to installing them.

@xuv Like, I downloaded some updates last week, and just as soon as I get around to turning back the DST on my alarm clock, those updates are going in the very next month.

@n8 sounds like a plan. Download updates continuously until Internet is unavailable. Apply updates until Internet is back on.

@xuv A few years ago, I spent a lot of idle time speculating on how I could handle software & connectivity while living full-time on a sailboat. Caching package updates wasn't the main obstacle ... that was 100% absence of sailing experience. But it is a tricky one.⛵💽

@n8 you could still live fulltime in a sailboat docked in a marina. No sailing experience needed. Or simulate long ocean crossings by unplugging your router and not going to the supermarket for a month.

@n8 @xuv sounds like a good idea right now, pandemicwise.

Teach the family that it's okay to be offline for a few minutes.

@xuv I have a secondary rpi ready for this. I keep it anyway as a backup solution in case of hardware malfunction so that Internet is not gone for hours or days waiting for a new RPI or a new SD card. When I update pihole, I simply plug it during the update, then I update the secondary RPI.

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