@xuv can you copy the insta text? Bibliogram isn't cutting it for me.
#MediaLabPrado Prado launched a petition. The city of Madrid is forcing them to leave and move to a slimmed down version in another venue. Does this insta post mention developments?

@wendy It’s in spanish. I can try to translate if you need me to. It says it shuts down without alternative, dialogue or anything. There will be communication later this week. For now they have to dismantle the whole space and dispatch all equipment wherever they can. But it comes as a shock.

This is not official comms from Medialab but from one of the assoc. working there.

@xuv hey, I just got an e-mail where Cesar Garcia explains the situation. It's really violent. Marcos's contract is not renewed. All personel has to start moving to Matadero *next week*. All international residencies are cut. Etc etc @yhancik

@xuv omg no, hacking in spain for a week (two?) was semi-formative for me ;_;

cc @ojack

@ojack @cblgh @xuv @qapaq

----- Any kind of support, idea, plan, alternative would be welcome!
I'd like to share some news about recent developments in Madrid that might lead to the disappearance of Medialab-Prado in less than a week.[ ]
Two weeks ago, national newspaper ElMundo announced that Medialab-Prado would leave their current building in autumn and be integrated into Matadero (another local center). Medialab-Prado program would be replaced by a contemporary art gallery and cultural industries hub, without any trace of free culture, citizen participation or new media.
A community led effort called WeAreTheLab raised alarms about this movement, given there is no free space at Matadero (nor public plans to accommodate any area for Medialab-Prado). So this looks like they are trying to dismount Medialab-Prado by removing the material infrastructure, removing any budget and leaving it orphaned. Most people see this as an intermediate step before destroying it.

Today, we have discovered that all workers at Medialab are supposed to move by next Monday.

Medialab-Prado will effectively close this week at all effects until further notice.
Several people have expressed their support using Twitter under the hashtag #savethelab / #wearethelab.

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