There will be financial speculation on every immaterial "thing".

1.Take any reality tv show, any sport program with millions of fans,... chop it in video clips of 10 secs. The latest goal of Leo Messi at the EuroCup, the politician tongue slip on live tv,...

2. Slap an on top of it.


@yhancik They're all thinking of doing it at the moment. Magic the Gathering, Fifa, Pokémon, Kanye West, Nike, Coca-Cola, you name it. Anything goes at this point.

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@xuv on a déjà touché le fond depuis longtemps (enfin tout est relatif :p), de toute façon


@yhancik Entres nous, je propose qu'on utilise la terminologie images quand on voudra parler des cryptobrols et autres nft. Qu'est-ce que t'en penses?

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@xuv @yhancik The first thing that came up in my mind when I visited opensea and other platforms, was that NFTs are much like the plastic trash drifting on our oceans.
Curious if sensible alternatives will pop up and will be able not to be swept away by the dirty wave of commercial hysteria.
The reputation of ‘digital’ and computer aided art in general are again at stake.

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