You can tell how much a company "cares" about their customers and everyone who helps run their business by the level of fuck up they reach when they're doing it "for the fun".

Deliveroo April Fools' joke backfires in France - BBC News

This can only be a joke imagined by priviledged out-of-touch tech workers.

@xuv or maybe Very strange to read this deliveroo and deliveroo tech people should first car about their employees then maybe think of their customers,
Maybe the tech people who are working there are already guilty of building systems that harass the workers into always on productivity and no social protection.
Maybe the 1rst april joke is more like some sort of revenge some kind of desperate attack badly thouhgt through.

@natacha You treat your customers like you treat your employees like you treat your suppliers like you treat yourself. Why would it be any different?

@natacha I think your idea that tech workers might be sabotaging their own company by taking on their customers is romantic at best. This is no revenge. It's shows how detached from reality they all are. Tech companies like these work in a bubble. There is no internal conspiracies to take them down.

@xuv yes i agree in full. Also they might so desperate from this shit and cynical and privileged, thats all they can come up with : a bad joke a bit selfdestructive and that positively harms a lot of people.

@xuv also lets not forget that many of the tech workers engaged with those companies are also precarious or subcontracted and might not have much possibility of action

@natacha unless you have references that I'm not aware of, that's absolutely not the case. I know very well some competitors of Deliveroo, how they work, what they pay their developers, how aggressive they are at hiring, etc. These people have high paid jobs, with lots of benefits, in a market that is highly competitive. There is no better paid job right now than being a dev in a unicorn.

@xuv interesting, indeed I trust you on this it would be an interesting issue to explore is there information out there about how those companies organise their tech work I mean we know a bit about G** and Fb but I never saw a thorough study

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