I have a cousin who works in the Special Effects industry, on those blockbuster movies. And recently, he started playing around with and posting his experiments on Instagram. And It's really interesting to see how he approaches this.

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@xuv I think it would be better to provide Bibliogram links instead or directly link to Pixelfed, same for Facebook.

@HugeGameArtGD I think leading by example is a better approach than giving lessons under someone else's post. Also making suggestions that are not applicable, such as linking to Pixelfed in this case, does not serve your purpose. I'd advise to watch for unwelcomed and unrelated tech suggestions, it tends to turn people away from tech social circles. And as a free software community, we need to work on being more inclusive.

@xuv I just asked for an untracked link in my first comment since we are on the Fediverse. It's not about giving lessons. I know many users have mastodon mirrored from Twitter where it's fine to link to YouTube as an example but why ask for Instagram followers here if there are free alternatives?

@HugeGameArtGD I know what you did and I know why you did it. And I maintain, this is inappropriate. If you don't like my posts, don't follow me. If there are websites that annoy you, block them on your instance or filter them out from your feed. If you want to promote certains services or attitudes, do it on your own feed.

@xuv Not sure what's bad about asking. I would have expected a reply such as "don't have time to switch" or "many users are on Instagram so I'll keep using it". Would it be offensive to ask a maya user posting his 3D art what he thinks about blender? Also don't really understand what's the point of cross-posting links if it's about the same post and content.

@HugeGameArtGD. You think you're asking but you're actually making demands. You think it's a question, but it's actually a statement. Yes, it's inappropriate to ask about Blender when someone you've never interacted with posts about Maya. And who is cross-posting here? No one.

@xuv With cross-posting I mean posting on one server and then providing a link to read more about on another. It was just a suggestion and it's your decision if you want to keep third-party links or mirror it. Just note that it's totally valid to untrack links on the Fediverse and should be the preferred option. Similar discussion for reference:

@HugeGameArtGD I like your style of trolling. Doubling down on your arguments while you're being told it's unwelcomed. Fetching in my past conversations material for your pseudo argumentation. Missing the point completely. I don't have time for this. Bye.

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