> We regularly hear about people getting lost in the wilderness because they believe their smartphone will show them the way back to civilization.

@xuv Are they suggesting people should go into the wilderness without maps?

@xuv @dualhammers Well, they could be online, the article says "veering from the path laid down by so many algorithms"

I guess as long as it's not telling you how to get to B.

@neauoire @xuv I can't imagine anyone would suggest not bringing along a GPS esp in the true wild

@dualhammers @xuv yeah I don't think that's what the article is suggesting at all XD

@dualhammers @xuv "next time you go hiking, don't forget the declination tables and your sextant!"

@neauoire @xuv @dualhammers I was preparing for an Olympic National Park hike not too long ago (haven't taken it yet, but it's still planned), and the number one thing basically everyone recommends for that area regarding GPSes is "just don't, yo". Apparently the park service ends up rescuing a ton of folks who get lost in the rainforest sections not realizing their GPS won't work under dense 200+ year old forest canopies 😔

Ever grateful I learned compass+map skills growing up

@klardotsh @neauoire @xuv Hah! Yeah I guess I forget some people don't actually understand how GPS works :P

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