Exploded yet another bread.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong this time.
Anyone at @hob has any hint?

This is what the inside looks like. Not too bad. A bit drier than usual though.


@xuv @hob Not sure if this the case for you. But with me, this happens if I don't have the fold at the bottom.
With me, it often rips at the fold and then opens along that fold. Makes sense if you consider the gluten strains follow how you fold the bread before rising.

@berkes @hob I do have the fold at the bottom, so it never opened there for me. Here it really followed most of the cuts I did. I think though it raises more than expected, maybe?

@xuv @hob I think I have had this issue when the inside is significantly colder than the outside after an overnight refrigeration.

@milofultz @hob hmmm. Interesting. I did it today. And everything stayed at 20-ish degrees celcius all day.

@xuv @hob have you cut into it yet? It could be air bubbles that were not fully relieved that congealed in the middle when creating the gluten cloak

@xuv did y ou degas it by pressing firmly on the top?

honestly i don't think it looks so bad :)

@cblgh degas it? Nope. I don't do that. Need to look at what that means.

@xuv just press firmly on the top after proofing and before lambing (making cuts). helps distribute internal gas bubbles

@xuv @hob this is just a hunch but I believe it is maybe related to the scoring - having two cuts meet a one corner may weaken the crust and create an imbalance in the gas exhaust dynamics. Also make sure you use the sharpest thing available to score, and never cut at 90° relative to the surface. Finally, the pattern may be too sophisticated. A simple large X shape worked for me until I felt confident to experiment more. Finally as others have said it looks delicious!

@baltauger @hob thanks for the suggestions. Will take into account for the next time.

@xuv @hob be sure to post the other half when you cut into it!

@xuv @hob In my opinion the uncut parts should be a bit dryer, so the fragile parts ae the cut parts. Let it dry a bit and add flour before cutting.

@xuv @hob It may be related to oven temperature.
If its too hot at the begining it developes crust too early, even in the cuts and gasses kind of make it explode.

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