The optical mouse I use for my desktop is going to reach 20 years old early next year.

I know because the scroll was not working anymore. So I dismounted it and looked at the manufacturer sticker. It says "Manufacture date: 2002.01.03".

Some small spring fell off when I dismounted the scroll. Put it back together without them. Didn’t see how they were assembled. Scroll still works. Lost that ratchet sound on scroll. Actually, I prefer it like that.

How old is your mouse?

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@xuv Until last year I was using a trackball from 2004 and a mouse from 2002! My Ploopy replaced both of those, but the manufacture date is less certain since I replaced the shell with my own version.

@xuv the last one I bought and still use is a wireless one from 2009 ...

@Olm_e @xuv Can't use a mouse. Instant rsi 🤲

~~~>> hence a 12 year old wacom tablet

@xuv huh, I don't see a year on mine, but I bought it about 11years ago for €5. Last time I checked the stores, they were all more expensive than that. Cable isn't too good any more, though. The outer insulation broke, so I shortened it a bit, but a couple of months later I had the same problem.

@ilja It might have a 4-digit date code like "2104" for the 21st week of 2004 (or 0421, can't remember which way round is normal)

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