@hob Has anyone tried making with tritordeum flour? Any tips, successes or failures to share?

Damn, it's hard to find in a store selling flour. All the places that were supposed to sell it don't have it. So I just ordered 5 kg online. Will see.

Got the flour delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm not home this weekend. So will have to wait a little before making a bread with it.

In the meantime, I'm deep in the rabbit hole of scientific papers on wheat x barley hybridization.

Ok, got a first bread out made with . Didn't do anything fancy, used one of my usual recipe and change white wheat flour with tritordeum flour. So I had 1/3 integral wheat flour and 2/3 tritrodeum.

I gave it the same proofing time. Not sure it was a good idea. Out of the proofing basket, it had a good shape. But then quickly collapsed. Overproofing? Or else? The humidity seemed alright.

The crust seems harder. Maybe I could cook it less. But overall taste is good.

@xuv Thanks for sharing that wikipedia page. I'm very curious how it will turn out!

@xuv Never heard of this, but the idea of a low gluten sourdough loaf sounds great! Please do keep up posted

@colm I'm also interested in some of the gustative properties it seems to have, plus the fact that it requires less water to farm. I'll report here for sure.

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