It's no surprise that mastodon account ( @delta ) has more followers than the equivalent twitter account (@delta_chat).

But what impresses me is the amount of platform you can install it from.

Great job from the Delta team to make it available in so many places.

@xuv @delta
Mmm... I really should install this on my Linux box.

@sebsauvage I think most techies ditch the app because it's yet another chat app and it works using email protocol. But after a few years of use with mainly one friend (and a few other one time chats with others), it's a great app, has nothing to envy from other apps, and it keeps on giving with all the new features that the @delta team keeps adding.

@xuv @sebsauvage @delta if you are looking for giving your #DeltaChat a bit more of activity, there is a public "super groups and channels" bot, with anonymous mailing lists specially setup for chatting,

your display name is preserved but your address is masked so it safe to join without leaking your real address, and it avoids sending too many emails like normal groups

there are some English speaking groups,

send /list to if you are interested

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