Another funny thing with the French speed trains is that they give you a "diploma" once you pass the 300 km/h mark.

The thing is they only offer to share this on social media silos or email. So I took a screenshot for you, my peeps.

Hey, I did not know it was a "bring your own cat" at .

Cool to say hello to team at the train station, though.

The look this year involved colorful sunnies. Thank you @pippin and @KnowPresent for modelling.

Yet another inspiring talk by @aiscarvalho & @rlafuente on terminology and the incredible vagueness behind the term

@manetta Funny (or not), I can't visit your website from the hotel I'm staying in in Saarbrucken.

I'm quite happy to see that my personal website still works in the first browser I ever used.

Thanks to the repackage of Mosaic in Snaps

/ht @ted

Oh wow, in the new MTA buses in , there are usb charging plugs in every seats. That's actually quite nice and well thought of.

That had a prototype of a knitting machine extension for the famous original console. And it's a shame this has never reached production.

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