Btw, the documentation available online feels very much like instructions on how to draw an owl.

Install this and this. Download that. Then run this multiline command with 30 obscure flags and options. And voiláaaa.

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Been after that one for a while but I finally managed to run a in a virtual machine using .

Anyone with / knowledge? (see screenshot attached)
What does Vpp means on the "electronic call" line? Thx.

Wow, the text-entry system stillworks on . Did not get an update in 7 years. But it's still available from

I absolutely love the @southpoleviews on . It's my window into the farthest pole from my house.

And today, it seems to have captured an aurora polar. :tealheart:

As I was watching the from yesterday, I realized that Walt had probably taken inspiration from the Cabinet of Dr to draw ’s hands.

Lockdown the cars
Let’s get our city back!

> We are asking an end of lockdown plan in which people and environmental friendly mobility are prioritized over private vehicles.

En , ils viennent de publier le programme de . Et ça fait très "horaire de piscine".

En bleu, les heures de sorties pour les adultes, en orange, les horaires de sortie pour les sportifs amateurs. En vert, les enfants de moins de 14 ans accompagnés d'un seul adulte qui en a légalement la garde. En rose, les plus de 70 ans.

Et on va faire comme ça pendant au moins 15 jours, pour voir.

death, covid-19 

"RIP John Conway" by XKCD is such a beautiful and delicate way of putting it..

And I’m so sad by this news.

Ok, finally mounted again for the 3rd time this i3. This printer has followed me around for the past 5 years. And I'm still amazed how well it works.

Completely in :tealheart: with, the modern text based browser. (runs from command-line)

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