Automatic transcription of voicemail from spam robocall on my US phone number makes no sense.

Ok, à Barcelone, on a les trottinettes électriques à la demande (au moins 3 startups sur le coup), les scooters électriques (ou non) à la demande, et maintenant on a aussi les voiturettes... Sérieux?

Woah. Ils distribuent toujours les "pages jaunes" à Barcelone. Le catalogue ressemble à un livre de poche, taille A5 et fait à-tout-casser 200 pages.

Ci-joint une photo, avec le catalogue ouvert à la page catégorie "informatique", juste après la catégorie "église".

At in rn.
Organised by . And it's freaking awesome.

The visuals are livecoded in with Hydra. Need to check that framework when I get home.

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville - Wikipedia

In 1971, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville founded the first program for women at the California Institute of the Arts.

This brick on design from my favorite author landed in the mailbox today. Looking forward to read this.

Another funny thing with the French speed trains is that they give you a "diploma" once you pass the 300 km/h mark.

The thing is they only offer to share this on social media silos or email. So I took a screenshot for you, my peeps.

Hey, I did not know it was a "bring your own cat" at .

Cool to say hello to team at the train station, though.

The look this year involved colorful sunnies. Thank you @pippin and @KnowPresent for modelling.

Yet another inspiring talk by @aiscarvalho & @rlafuente on terminology and the incredible vagueness behind the term

@manetta Funny (or not), I can't visit your website from the hotel I'm staying in in Saarbrucken.

I'm quite happy to see that my personal website still works in the first browser I ever used.

Thanks to the repackage of Mosaic in Snaps

/ht @ted

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