This is what the inside looks like. Not too bad. A bit drier than usual though.


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Exploded yet another bread.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong this time.
Anyone at @hob has any hint?

Ok, here's the beast. Crust and density seem right, but I probably should have sliced deeper the top of the dough before putting it in the oven. Taste is good.

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Hadn't done this in a while. But today, I turned a pallet into a bench for our terrace.

It's sturdy, most of the pallet is used, with a few cuts. Nails can be reused. I had to add some more though.

If you want to reproduce, here are the plans:

Took me a while to figure out why there was 2 slightly different smoking signs on that warning.

Maybe a good example of why you should not use without

First bread. A complete failure. Every step went the wrong way. But the taste is not bad.

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Started cultivating my first .
If all goes well, bread making this weekend.

Oh woaw, il ya de l'Orval 12 ans d'âge au Bier shop près chez moi. Dingue.

In the spirit of , here's a post for . I don't have a boat, unfortunately, but I live in a 100+ yo apartment. And we decided to remove the 10+ layers of paint this door had received over the years. Bring back the natural look of the wood. The heatgun works pretty well for the job. I've kept all the paint scraps in a bag to weight it at tho end. I think it'll amount easily to 5kg when I'm done. I certainly did not expect it to weight so much.

I love . It's my favorite activity when I walk alone in the city. And it's a fun way to contribute to the .

I just reached 1400 questions answered.

Interesting project by using computer vision to tag politicians distracted by their mobile phones during parliament sessions.

Je découvre que Málaga (Torremolinos, Marbella,...) se présente depuis 2010 comme la du sud de l'Espagne.

Et apparement, ça marche.

Ci-joint, une carte des sociétes high tech présentes dans la région, publiée par la municipalité en 2010 et 2020.

va devoir faire une mise-à-jour de son tube.

Je suis tombé par hasard sur "Robopoïèses" de André Ourednik à la librairie qui vient juste d'ouvrir à deux pas de chez moi.

J'ai commencé à lire quelques pages, et c'est délicieux. Je conseille.

I have a cousin who works in the Special Effects industry, on those blockbuster movies. And recently, he started playing around with and posting his experiments on Instagram. And It's really interesting to see how he approaches this.

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