rant Google Belgique 

After bringing back so many electric devices from the US, I finally male a European adapter for a bunch of them at once.

Ramon is presenting Raylib, an open source library to enjoy video game coding at tertulia raylib.com/

Enzo Mari "Autoprogettazione" license:


(Anyone, except for manufacturers and traders, may use these designs to make them by themselves. The author hopes that this idea will remain in the future and asks that those who buid the furniture, and especially variations of it, send photos to his studio at 10 piazzale Baracca - 20123, Milan).

Ooooh. I think I found a infringement machine at the entrance of a mall. It's a special photobooth. You choose any public account, select a few photos and print them on photographic paper for 50 cents a piece. No login, no name given, no Instagram username printed on the card, no copyright mention. And I'm pretty sure, no percentage given to the photographer.

Automatic transcription of voicemail from spam robocall on my US phone number makes no sense.

Ok, à Barcelone, on a les trottinettes électriques à la demande (au moins 3 startups sur le coup), les scooters électriques (ou non) à la demande, et maintenant on a aussi les voiturettes... Sérieux?

Woah. Ils distribuent toujours les "pages jaunes" à Barcelone. Le catalogue ressemble à un livre de poche, taille A5 et fait à-tout-casser 200 pages.

Ci-joint une photo, avec le catalogue ouvert à la page catégorie "informatique", juste après la catégorie "église".

At in Hangar.org rn.
Organised by . And it's freaking awesome.

The visuals are livecoded in with Hydra. Need to check that framework when I get home.

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville - Wikipedia

In 1971, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville founded the first program for women at the California Institute of the Arts.

This brick on design from my favorite author landed in the mailbox today. Looking forward to read this.

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