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At a party right now. And I'm bored. Luckily there is and pens.

landed in a scientific paper (and not the one written by @M_PF ;) )

"Not Every Remix is an Innovation: A Network Perspective on the 3D-Printing Community"

"As shown in Figure 4, there is
a substantial difference between the users who remixed most (e.g.
’shivinteger’ with 4,485 remixes) versus a user such as ’wstein’ who
engage in very little remixing but whose designs got remixed about
37,092 times"


Thanks to this discussion, I'm learning that is the top 15th uploader of .


There is a spot on summary of the whole project in this exchange between two reddits. (See screenshot)

cc: @M_PF

It looks like these people are playing a video game together. But they're actually strangers to each other. They're just holding a handle while riding the metro.

For lunch, just went out in a park with a colleague. Might do this more often.

"El botones Sacarino", inventé en 1963 par Francisco Ibáñez, me parait vraiment fort inspiré du travail de (si pas complètement pompé sur Gaston Lagaffe).

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Je viens de découvrir qu'il y avait en Espagne, dans les années 80, un personnage de qui ressemble furieusement à un mélange entre et Gaston , au moins dans le trait.

C'est un peu quand même, non?

The toolkit for implements the hand gesture tracking and that's pretty awesome.

Definitely needs some polishing, but amazing that it's already available.


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The first car to break the 100km/h speed record was called "La Jamais Contente", built by Belgian engineers, and powered by electric motors.


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