Just deleted my account on . After months of work, convincing family members and friends to move to , it finally pays off. December really helped me get over the fence when, out of the blue, ~30 of my contacts decided to install Signal.

Good luck to all in the same process at the moment. It's hard to tell how long these things can take. But if you keep the goal in sight, you'll get there.

(Screenshot of Whatsapp telling me the account can't be deleted. Second time, it worked.)

Any copyright lawyer around? Can a license be limited in time?

Here is an example of a license mention in a documentary. Says the CC-By-NC-ND 3.0 license is valid until january 2021.

For the catalan speakers, in your opinion, does it include January or not?


From a home timeline on , it takes 9 clicks, and entering the user password, to trigger an account deletion. Facebook asks you to confirm 4 times that you want to delete the account.

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Yééé. Mon "livre de vacances" est arrivé auj. C'est bon, on peut fermer Internet, j'ai ma lecture pour ce noël au calme.

I typed "Deepfake" in a deepfake text to image generator, it returned a Malevitch painting.

Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche,

Left: Photo by Charles Marville, 1868
Right: Google Street View, 2017

Btw, the documentation available online feels very much like instructions on how to draw an owl.

Install this and this. Download that. Then run this multiline command with 30 obscure flags and options. And voiláaaa.

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Been after that one for a while but I finally managed to run a in a virtual machine using .

Anyone with / knowledge? (see screenshot attached)
What does Vpp means on the "electronic call" line? Thx.

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